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LJZjtkkpJerome Huyler is a former assistant professor at Seton Hall University. He earned his PhD in political science from the New School University in 1992 and his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, where he majored in philosophy. Dr. Huyler’s doctoral dissertation was edited for publication as Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era (University Press of Kansas, 1995, 2001). He also authored Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare (1980). Jerome has delivered talks at Columbia University, New York University, St. John’s University, Baruch College, and the University of Connecticut, among others.

In addition to speaking before graduate seminars on the American founding era at Fordham University and delivering a six-session mini-course on the same subject, he has addressed professional conferences including those on the Liberty Fund, the annual meeting of The American, The New York State, and the Northeastern Political Science Association. His articles, interviews, and book reviews have been published in prestigious journals, such as The William & Mary Quarterly, The American Historical Review, Navigator, The Independent Review, and

Jerome is an Economic and Political Scholar. These designations have been given in recognition of both his strong foundation and understand in Economic issues, but also for his commitment to the on-going research, teaching and support of the Constitution. Dr. Hulyer has been recognized as being both constitutionally savvy and sound in Constitutional reason.


Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare

Paperback: 308 pages

August 2014 (LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE!)

Available in Paperback

What are people saying? – Sample Reviews:

David Robertson – This book offers more than just a position against welfare. From how taxes work and what budget deficits are, to how redistribution hurts and what inflation is. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know more about how such policies work, but also to those who have heard that such policies are good ones. Really… this book provides several elements of redistribution of wealth, and explains how these forms are not only bad for the average worker, but how they are ultimately against our founding principles as a nation. This book would be a solid addition to any library.




Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era

Paperback: 370 pages

January 1995 (LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE!)

Available in Hardback and Paperback

What people are saying – Sample Reviews

By Tim on March 20, 2001

The author does an excellent job in demonstrating the influence of John Locke on the great thinkers who founded America. Backed by an enormous amount of scholarship, and written clearly, this book removes any doubt about the roots of classical American liberalism. The ideas on which “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are based were derived from the writing of Locke (and others). And ideas move men to action. The Founding Fathers were true believers, and not (as the leftist movement in academia would have us think) merely attempting to justify the economic supremacy of the wealthy class over the masses. Their beliefs stemmed from a long British tradition of freedom in which Locke played a major role. The author argues his case with cool and meticulous logic. “Locke in America” makes a major contribution and is a pleasure to read.

By “QM” on November 12, 2012

This book demonstrates quite convincingly that America was founded on Lockean liberalism which championed individual rights. Our rights, according to Locke, are derived from our Creator and not from society but are simply given formal and legal recognition there. We enter into society – i.e., we form a government – solely to preserve those rights. The “public good” exists, not to triumph over private interests, but to protect and preserve those rights, which are: life, liberty and property. A government that is limited in this way, that does not cater to special interests, allows for true equality so that we may all pursue our dreams. Unfortunately, as this book goes to show, this Lockean philosophy “failed” almost the second that the Republic was founded; though, as Congressman Sam Pettengill pointed out, it failed because, “we have never permitted it to work.”

I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in the philosophy that influenced our Founding Fathers. It does an excellent job in explaining the “contradictions” between “public liberty” vs “private liberty”. It is well-written, well-sourced and is a hard book to put down.

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