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An American Warning. The official website of David Robertson, Author of “Reloaded – An American Warning”, An American Warning Radio, and An American Warning TV.

The up and coming conservative radio talk show host David Robertson took the nation by storm in 2008. His radio program was thought provoking, his speeches were riveting, his ideas… innovative. His second coming is proving to be even stronger than the first.

David Robertson is a conservative personality and author who has been reaching out to millions of Americans for years via radio, television and the Internet.

David Robertson is Author of Reloaded – An American Warning, the follow up to his 2009 release of his first book “An American Warning”.

David Robertson created AAW because he wanted to warn others of things he thought the mainstream did not do a good job of covering.

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Our team is comprised of many who have the same goals as David in regard to sharing information that the mainstream simply will not cover.

This website also presents the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. We offer a chance for writers to voice their opinions via our Contributors section. If you can write and have a passion for politics, we encourage you take the time to write something and see if we will post it! You have nothing to lose and an entire audience to gain.

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