About Matt Winkeljohn

MattMatt grew up in Ohio, a state known for its political activism. Matt is no exception. Matt is a proud graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, and has a great deal of life experience under his belt. He’s the guy who has “been there, done that”! After years of seeing things go downhill, Matt finally had enough and felt it was necessary to stand up and finally do something about what he was seeing.

Starting in 2005, Matt started to participate in politics and became an activist of sorts; getting his feet wet for what would ultimately become his life-long passion. In 2010, Matt created “Resist the Tyranny” in an effort to bring people current news and videos about government atrocities in the United States; a topic the media seemed reluctant to even mention. Priding himself on a lack of “left or right bias”, Matt’s work has been featured or repeated all over the internet including sites such

Resist the Tyranny, or “RTT”, provides quite a bit for the information seeker, including but not limited to videos, articles, live shows, and more. You can also find him in numerous different outlets such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and of course… right here on An American Warning.

Matt has been recognized for his ongoing commitment and support of the Constitution and his dedication to both research and teaching as well as being both constitutionally savvy and sound in Constitutional reason.


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