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David Robertson MSL – David’s specialty is leadership but he is well versed in other disciplines such as government, history, security, health and theology. David has produced several theories including theories on human sourced probiotics and the controversial theology based “Trinion Contradictions“. David and/or his work has been cited, referenced or featured on many National Radio Stations, newspapers, and websites like Education News, The X22Report, Investment Watch Blog, Positive Deism, Before It’s News, The Daily Coin, and many more.

David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in both a nationally-recognized program of Leadership and in Security Management. He holds supporting educational certificates in Homeland Security and Operational Leadership. He is also a certified Active Shooter Scenario Instructor and has additional education and training in related disciplines.

David is the author several books including those listed below. He is also the author of many articles you will find on this site and other sites such as Reasoned Leadership. David has a strong commitment to on-going research and loves teaching and discussing constitutional issues and many of the topics that you can review on this site.


  • Reasoned Leadership
  • Destroying the Narrative – Looking into the Gray
  • RELOADED: An American Warning
  • The Briobiotic Protocol – Natural Health Made Easy
  • Reason, Religion and the Trinion Contradictions

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2 thoughts on “About David Robertson MSL

  1. Roadranger

    Hi! I enjoy your 3% articles – just wondering if there are actually any 3% groups out there that pass muster. Darned if I can find one 🙁 .

    1. Great question. That’s sort of the irony. The short answer is “yes”, but that comes with a warning. Let me see if I can tackle this… sorry if this gets long.

      It seems very few threepers actually “group up”, and if they do, they are small/tiny/personal groups. Remember that there is no leadership to speak of because it’s more of a self-proclaimed idea – meaning that all real threepers are leaders anyway. That being said; like-minded people tend to congregate and share notes. This happens a lot. For most, networking is the foundation. With the exception of a couple that I am aware of, the vast majority of real threepers that I know are NOT in an “organized” threeper group. But there are a few actual threeper groups out there. They even have study sessions. It’s kind of cool.

      I agree that they might be hard to find and they are probably structured very different from other groups. Of course, as you’ve probably discovered, there are more groups that want to be / pretend to be / hope they are threepers. I think it’s great that they want to be threepers, but again, there is a lot more to it than just target shooting on the weekends. Unfortunately, if one of these “wannabe” groups do something stupid under that name, the real threepers get to pay for it. Oh, then are those that are trying to be and are actually putting in the effort. I think that’s awesome… but some of these are probably missing a couple points and fighting an uphill battle because they have open enrollment which may attract many that don’t want to put in the effort (study) – which means it’s a temporary group. Depending on your background, there are even officer/military based threeper groups out there. From what I understand, these were once Oath Keepers (or similar) that at some point decided to take a different direction. So while rare, there are options.

      If you are looking for a good threeper “group”, I don’t know where to point you other than to say that they are out there. The ones I am aware of don’t exactly have open enrollment though. You probably won’t hear too much from them either. Most groups that tout the name everywhere are probably the groups that are simply taking the name because like I said, an open enrollment pretty much guarantees that you’ll get some without a work or study ethic. If you find yourself aligning with the threeper mentality, you should start by networking. REAL threepers will more than likely reach out to you personally or may test your historical or technical knowledge on the subject before opening a real dialog. I do not know a single threeper that recruits. They will keep an eye out for like-minded people though. If you are certain of your threeper position, you might also consider allowing your standards to be the premise of a new group in your area – if you are aware of other people in your area who have the same ethics.

      Remember what I wrote: “Three Percenters are spread throughout groups such as the Oath Keepers, the militias, the military, law enforcement, and so on. This is also why you will find numerous websites or social media groups offering fellowship… not membership.” Meaning, that if you join a local patriot group, there may be other threepers in it, but it will more than likely not be a “threeper group”. In fact, I would be VERY cautious about joining a self-declared threeper group that is comprised of people I do not know and that is allowing open enrollment. It’s just not the norm and statistics don’t lend well to the name. Remember: what makes a threeper so strong is the knowledge they hold. That’s an easy thing to test. Think about the knowledge necessary to understand the context. Most people in this country stopped “learning” when they graduated high school and didn’t really pay attention while they were there anyway. Don’t get me wrong; I love the militia and Oath Keepers and so on. They all have their place and I love any Constitutional defender, but we are talking about a group of patriotic smart people who continue to study and learn and still seek to actively defend. That’s just simply not most people. Keep in mind that Three Percenters are pro – government-that-adheres-to-constitutionally-authorized-functions. I’m sure that eliminates quite a few groups right off the bat. It takes several books and some study time to truly understand what that means. Now, imagine getting an entire group to do that. Again, not that these groups are not out there, it’s just rare and that’s the point. I hope this helps.

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