About AAW


AAW (An American Warning) is a research and analysis group — dedicated to providing pertinent information to others in a way that most will easily understand. Guided by principles of the American Founding, our writers and contributors conduct independent, nonpartisan research and/or analysis on a wide range of issues.

Founded in 2003, AAW derives its name from the original paper produced that demonstrated mathematically that cyclical events were beginning to transpire. The name stuck; and since then, AAW has grown to include numerous authors, researchers, and analysts covering a wide variety of topics ranging from health, security, finances to Constitutional law and perspectives and so much more.

Brought to you by people like KrisAnne Hall, Jerome Huyler, David Robertson and many more, we use video, articles, podcasts and social media outlets to help spread a message that many simply do not hear. Beyond that, our goal is to seek out intellectuals who are willing and wanting to think about our problems in ways that are different than the norm. We seek intellectuals willing to think about solutions that are different than what we have been told or sold.

Our goal is to question with boldness… EVERYTHING and to tear away the blinder, and to evaluate the issues we face with information and perspectives wholly or mainly derived from pure reason; or better said… rationalism. This means tearing away party platforms, bias history stories, religious taboos and even old science.

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