The Joke is Actually on Hillary Clinton – Huyler

The Joke is Actually on Hillary Clinton – Huyler


After Trashing Trump from one end of the country to the other, Hillary invokes Michelle’s wise counsel: “When they go LOW, we go HIGH”. Which only proves that the former Sec of State doesn’t know UP from DOWN.

Hillary’s many expensive “investments,” her college free-for-all, ambitious infrastructure plans and open-borders expense, will not bankrupt US or add to our accumulated $20 trillion debt; it can be “paid for” by simply cutting all National Defense spending

Hillary can raise taxes on the richest Americans. But she’ll have to CLOSE the borders to keep the wealthy from fleeing US (like thousands leaving New York & New Jersey because of their high taxes)

Hey Hillary, FDR made many public investments (aka jobs programs). Never before had Gov done so much to restore PROSPERITY and never before had POVERTY spread so far, spared so few and persisted so long. What did someone say about those who won’t learn the lessons of history?

Hillary’s combined open borders/comprehensive immigration platform will fill US with untold immigrants and Middle East refugees imbued with full voting and welfare rights but with no appreciation for our values and traditions. They’ll be distributed to states where Democrat votes are most needed. Can you say one-party rule (like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore or Ferguson, MO).

Hey Hillary, “trickle down” works every time it’s tried. But I guess, for you, the countless jobs created by entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump simply don’t count.

The only thing that’s “Trumped-up” is your baseless claim of having what it takes to improve the quality of American life.

Will someone make sure Hillary doesn’t use $85 million of her campaign stash as “walking around money” to buy votes at $50 a pop on election day?

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Jerome Huyler is a former assistant professor at Seton Hall University. He earned his PhD in political science from the New School University in 1992 and his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, where he majored in philosophy. He is also the author of: Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era. And Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare.

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