The Fight Never Ends – An American Warning 220

The Fight Never Ends – An American Warning 220

Welcome to An American Warning Radio / Podcast #220 – The Fight Never Ends

An American Warning Radio / Podcast

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On today’s podcast we’ll discuss the following:

General News: The FBI, National Security Agency and CIA are likely to gain expanded surveillance powers under President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, a prospect that has privacy advocates and some lawmakers trying to mobilize opposition. To give you a better idea of what these people want… Pompeo and Sessions want to repeal a 2015 law that prohibits the FBI and NSA from collecting bulk phone records — “metadata” such as numbers called and dates and times — on Americans who aren’t suspected of wrongdoing.

Economics: U.S. Banks Report Record Profit in Third Quarter – did you get your raise? Did your bank help you make more money… maybe help you save a bit more? SocGen (multinational banking and financial services company) warned investors this week that the decade-long party in the debt markets “is over.” Borrowing costs are poised to rise rapidly, hurting the economy and fueling a stampede out of debt funds more powerful than what markets expect.

Global Issues: “It appears that China and Iran are entering a strategic plan on increasing their defense and cooperation in advanced weapon systems that might lead to nuclear war. According to reports early this year, the two countries signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 25 years. They agreed to trade their hands-on military experiences on facing the U.S military, both on air and in sea.” I’m going to call that prelude.

Health: Since I have neglected the health topic lately, I wrote a new health article about Neem.

This and so much more!!! Remember… the fight NEVER ends.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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