The Great Big Electoral College Lie – An American Warning 217

The Great Big Electoral College Lie – An American Warning 217

Welcome to An American Warning Radio / Podcast #217 – The Great Big Electoral College Lie

An American Warning Radio / Podcast

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On today’s podcast we’ll discuss the following:

General News: Liberals are crying about the popular vote and saying the Electoral College should be done away with. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) filed legislation to abolish the Electoral College. Millions of votes were actually illegal. Keep in mind that the Electoral College meets on December 19th to cast its ballots. Obama wants to protect globalism and said that we need to “guard” against a rise in nationalism both at home and abroad. Leaders in sanctuary cities aim to resist any deportations. Protesters are probably not real protesters.

Economics: The TPP may be in play after all. The Federal Reserve may be in trouble. An economic collapse may still be possible. Peter Schiff, who accurately predicted the housing bubble and the subsequent financial crisis. He says that we’re in for an even more devastating economic collapse; one that will result in a total government bankruptcy. He says that an American Armageddon is inevitable and calls what happened in 2008 “just the beginning.”

Global Issues: Russia resumed airstrikes on the besieged rebel-held sections of Aleppo. Britain is readying to deploy military equipment on the Russia-Estonian border to counter Russian aggression. Russia is in talks with Iran over a $10 billion arms deal. The Chinese leadership seems to preparing for the collapse of the North Korean regime.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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