Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 4

Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 4

The Final Installment of The Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World Series


  • Don’t Let Others Control You Through Money. Start off by looking at your critical things to do to prepare for a currency collapse budget and identifying how “mandatory” each item is on your list. Are you forced to buy car insurance, health insurance, rubbish removal services, water, food, electricity, and phone services? Even though it is true that all of these items are important for survival and well-being, you do not have to be hog-tied to those bills and forced to use currency or else do without. Make “reduce, recycle, reuse, and innovate”, your mantras. From personal experience, I can tell you it takes about 5 years to sustainably live virtually without money. Each time you identify an area in your budget that someone else dictates, take note of your stress levels around these budget items. Use prepper’s psychology to get control of yourself and make it easier to figure out how to master the situation.
  • Don’t be Intimidated by Failure or Hard Work. I have spent decades looking for ways to grow food indoors, unlock the secrets of herbal remedies, create an energy free home, generate electricity by harnessing solar/wind power, and cutting my reliance on motor vehicles. It is no secret that for each of my successes, there are dozens of failures, mishaps, and other assorted mischief. Never allow the difficulty of self-sufficiency to scare you off. Just start with small goals and keep moving forward. Even if you fail, don’t give up – keep researching and remind yourself that as hard as this may be, not being able to buy your way out of a monetary collapse scenario will be much worse for you and your family.
  • Invest in “Obscure” Foreign CurrenciesLook for countries that do very little foreign trading and have a trade surplus. Ideally, these countries should be rich in minerals, land assets or basic materials that might be necessary for rebuilding society here and abroad. Even though these countries may not have currency worth flipping on the FOREX markets, their currency may be worth a lot more once the US dollar collapses and takes other key currencies with it. Currencies from these “obscure” countries are also ideal because the governments will be less likely to collapse as a result of warfare or internal strife. Just make sure that each country is also at least somewhat isolated from other countries where refugees from collapsing countries can easily reach the border.
  • Build a Global Network. As long as internet banking and computer services remain open, it may still be possible obtain currency from overseas. By building a global network of friends and business associates, you can find ways to get your hands on just about any currency that you need. In addition, extended location networks are very helpful if you need to bug out. Not only will you have a place to go, but it will be harder to trace through an extensive list of peers than a small one.
  • Get Information from the Source. The worst thing you can do before an economic collapse is to rely on the local news, mainstream media, or even smaller computer based news sources for information. Make friends with people from around the country and around the world. Join groups where you can watch and listen to gain vital information about what is really going on. For example, instead of watching the news about Orlando, make friends online from diverse communities in that area. What are they saying about the events that happened there? What is the general mood of the people? What are the speculations about what will happen next? It may take time for you to identify key patterns, but eventually, you will be able to spot information and fit into larger trends so that you can better predict what will happen next.

According to Robert Richardson in an article at Offgrid Survival, “Both J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup are calling for a ban on paper currency. In fact, Chase took the unprecedented step of restricting cash in certain markets and recently started banning the storage of cash or coins in its safe-deposit boxes. They also put policies in place that will ban using cash as an acceptable payment for credit cards, mortgages and auto loans.” This is just one of many troubling indicators that the US currency is about to collapse. What are you doing to prepare for a time when you will need money, but none will be available? I have lived through these kinds of situations. What would you like me to write about on this situation? Please also feel free to share your experiences so that we can all fine tune our plans and make useful steps to solving these problems.

Written By Carmela Tyrell: Carmela is an experienced prepper that enjoys spending time working in her garden and exploring new ways to generate off-grid electricity and water for her family’s home. She prides herself in working hard to cut reliance on all things “municipal” and transition to a more self-sustainable living. She is also very knowledgeable about herbal remedies, surviving a nuclear disaster and bugging in. You can send her a message at Check articles like this and much more at

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