Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 3

Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 3


As a prepper, you may have decided to build a homestead, create a stockpile, invest in precious gems/metals, or amass other items that are worth quite a bit of money. While these items can be used for daily survival, they can also be seized if you do not have the correct currency to pay taxes and other fees now and during increasingly difficult economic times. Here are some ways to shelter your most important assets and build your currency reserves at the same time:

  • If you own land or property, it is likely that you still have a mortgage. A spare room can be turned into a sublet or private rental to friends, family members, or other trusted people that will pay to rent the room. Your goal will be to undercut the going rent prices in the local area and limit your risk by taking in people that you know and trust. The money you get from the rental should go exclusively to paying down the mortgage so that you get out of it and the killer interest associated with it as quickly as possible.
  • Homeowners and apartment renters should get insurance to cover major appliances. Your policy should cover heating and cooling systems as well as other major appliances. Read the contracts carefully so that you get a policy that will replace or repair regardless of the age or condition of the appliance. This will cut down on your expenses if appliances break down before a major collapse.
  • Offload or refuse to buy new vehicles. Go for older models and second-hand models that you can fix yourself or obtain suitable vehicle repair insurance.
  • Keep gems and precious metals out of the banks or other off-site “safety” storage locations. You should be able to get to your cache easily without it being detected. Don’t forget that metal detectors and other devices can find these caches underground; however, they are not perfect. When building a storage cache on your property, make sure that you test it out and see if it remains hidden from different kinds of equipment.
  • Tools, equipment, and other stockpile assets can also be seized from your private property by the government or looters that take advantage of civil unrest. If you have these assets, make sure you can protect them or rebuild them if needed.
  • Avoid traveling with money and other valuables. In these times before a major collapse, do not forget that assets can also be seized by the police if you are pulled over for a “traffic violation”. It should also be noted that scanners exist now that also allow police to seize money on certain debit cards even if these cards are just sitting in your wallet. Given all the problems associated with the role of political agendas and opinions in relation to watch lists, it should be very easy to see why you should avoid traveling with items of value as much as possible.
  • Get out of stocks, bonds, retirement funds and other “interest bearing” investments. If you had any money invested in 2007, then you already know how much you lost. Don’t make the same mistake twice – get out now while you still can and put your money into tangible assets that can be liquidated in time of need.

Written By Carmela Tyrell: Carmela is an experienced prepper that enjoys spending time working in her garden and exploring new ways to generate off-grid electricity and water for her family’s home. She prides herself in working hard to cut reliance on all things “municipal” and transition to a more self-sustainable living. She is also very knowledgeable about herbal remedies, surviving a nuclear disaster and bugging in. You can send her a message at Check articles like this and much more at

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