THE FATE OF A NATION: Why Donald Trump Deserves Your Vote

THE FATE OF A NATION: Why Donald Trump Deserves Your Vote

All denials notwithstanding, let’s assume Donald Trump did all the things his recent accusers say he did more than a decade ago. That should stop no one from voting Trump/Pence on Nov. 8th. Chalk the dirty deeds up to “youthful indiscretion.” Call Trump and a long line of sports and entertainment celebrities “pigs . . . and dogs.” But, do the math: (1) Mr. Trump is not likely to ever display such behavior again, not with his wife, grown children and much of the country looking up to him as they do, (2) nothing in this conduct, even if it was to continue, threatens the nation’s vital interests, and (3) Hillary’s past performance and policy positions staked out this campaign season pose the gravest of threats to our domestic security and desperate hope of restoring the growth and opportunity that for past generations was the daily-delivered promise of American life.

Hillary’s self-professed “dream” of allowing open borders across our entire hemisphere, together with her commitment to “comprehensive immigration reform” will bring countless hundreds of thousands of newly-minted “citizens-in-waiting” to our shores. While possessing little or no understanding of our language or appreciation for the values, traditions and institutions on which our liberties and cultural survival depend, they will soon enjoy all the privileges and immunities of American citizenship. That includes voting rights, welfare rights, guaranteed health care and a good education. And why would she offer any less to the tens of thousands of refugees from war-torn Syria and all the Middle-Eastern conflicts to come? Also, on her agenda is the promise to give every teen in America a tuition-free, four or six year education at any of America’s centers of Higher “learning” (but really Progressive indoctrination). And, why wouldn’t she distribute said immigrants and refugees to those states where Democratic electoral votes are most needed? What can we expect once all of America becomes a one-party, Democratic enclave, like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or Ferguson, Mo? Liberal compassion consigns able-bodied men and women to an effort-free wonderland of stigmatized indigence. And the enterprise is only getting started.

On the campaign trail fiscal concerns, i.e., the great expense this public display of “compassion” will necessarily incur, merits not a moment’s notice. Add to all that the cost of financing countless other “investments” needed to create a “sustainable” environment and millions of “Green” jobs. We know how it works, lavish subsidies doled out to Democratic donors (like the $500 million awarded to the Solindra Corporation just prior to its bankruptcy filings). An unwavering campaign to prevent some projected catastrophic climate event will prohibit the construction of oil and natural gas pipelines (like the Keystone-Excel project that was to run from Canada to our Gulf Coast refineries). The “risky” hydraulic fracturing procedure and horizontal drilling operations, so essential to achieving and maintaining energy independence, will be banned and millions of coal miners outfitted for work in the aforementioned green-job industries. Energy costs will soar.

When it comes to financing a runaway welfare state, the Clinton camp has “no comment,” though a $20 trillion accumulated public debt already looms ominously over millions of children yet unborn. Hillary’s vast experience in public life assures her that by levying higher tax rates on the wealthy (i.e., America’s most active investors and productive job-creators) Washington will furnish itself all the revenue it may ever need. If not, just blame the corporations fleeing for their lives from confiscatory taxes and regulatory abuse. No one can swim in a competitive global market when his own government is loading him up with large lead weights. So there will be plenty of blame to go around (Trump, himself, alludes to it often).

No less worrisome, is the prospect of a Supreme Court dominated by Obama-cum-Clinton-picked appointees and the many district and appellate court judges Hillary will put on the federal bench. Job one will be reversing the Citizen’s United ruling and thereby barring patriotic and pro-business organizations from expressing support or opposition to candidates running for office who share group-approved policy preferences. The Supreme Court appropriately struck down a vexing barrier to free speech. Next, the “Fairness Doctrine” will pass Constitutional muster and be reinstated. That rule commands radio stations to match time given to Conservative talk with “equal time” for Liberal talk. Only, since the latter attracts neither an audience nor paying advertisers, the rule effectively ends such topical programming, altogether. Fairness consists of silencing on-air Conservative commentary. The Constitution’s First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, by Mrs. Clinton’s reckoning, was never intended to allow individuals to organize to express their common views or shape public opinion, at least not where the conduct of government is concerned. They say it’s more important “to get the money out of politics.” And they avidly promote a woman who has spent her adult life getting rich by using the power of her offices to make the rich and well-connected, at home and abroad, even richer.

The Second Amendment’s guarantee of the citizens’ right “to keep and bear arms” will also come under withering assault. No one should be surprised if the NRA is ever designated a “hate group” and the courts allow victims of violence to sue (and win confiscatory awards from) those really responsible for the epidemic of violence in our communities, the nation’s gun manufacturers. Nor will religious Liberty escape scrutiny. Liberal Progressives like Hillary are embarrassed by all remaining vestiges of religious “dogma” in American culture. So, no, the Sisters of Mercy will not be exempt from onerous health care mandates that force Catholic churches and Christian businesses to serve and pay people’s, abortions, contraceptive devices or officiate at gay and lesbian nuptials. Discrimination trumps conviction in the pantheon of Liberal evils. As for ObamaCare, Hillary will replace it, not with the free, competition across state lines (which the states formally prohibited), as Trump would pioneer. Her solution is known as “single payer,” full-blown socialized medicine. HillaryCare will let Hillary finish what Hillary started as First Lady back in 1993. By placing every citizen’s medical care under federal wraps, it will make government the master and the doctor the slave. Only slaves make lousy doctors. Good doctors make lousy slaves and government’s hasn’t mastered anything, lately. After imposing an endless compliment of coercive mandates on patients, doctors and insurance companies, alike, Hillary’s minions assure us that the free market has failed. Well, as Samuel Pentengill wrote at the height of the Great Depression, “when it is said that free enterprise has failed, I answer we have never permitted it to work” (in Jefferson: The Forgotten Man, 1938).

Then there is the character question, itself. This would-be leader lies more casually and frequently than any prior candidate for high office ever has or could. She simply cannot be trusted with the truth. And nothing she says should be believed without strict, independent verification. And lying means more than not telling the truth. Consider, Hillary Clinton has gotten rich by using her positions of power to help the very rich get even richer. And with a straight face she lashes out at Trump for only favoring the wealthy. After devoting the better part of her campaign and much of the second debate to brutally smearing her Republican opponent, she proudly invokes the virtuous counsel her “good friend,” Michelle offered, to wit: “when they go LOW, we go HIGH.” Hillary Clinton literally does not know up from down. Hypocrisy is but another instance of pathological dishonesty.

Many point to Hillary’s long record of public service, her “experience,” as it were. It would be more prudent to wonder about her judgment and performance in office. The debacle in Benghazi began with Secretary Clinton’s decision to promote the “Arab Spring” and rescue the Libyans from what was just another despotic ruler. What fate would befall the country once Khadafy was removed, since it was he who, like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, long kept order in his country? Now, near anarchy and turmoil prevail. Obviously, the question received scant consideration. But Hillary will spin any yarn, offer any plausible “narrative,” to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of her own consequential and ill-conceived decisions. Deflection and distraction are the ever-ready tools of her tiresome trade. So, after denying repeated and increasingly anguished pleas for stepped-up security in Libya and failing to draw up an emergency evacuation plan for officers stationed there, calamity struck. Ambassador Stevens and three brave members of his security team were slaughtered in a well-orchestrated, military-grade assault. Madam Secretary and the Administration she served placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of some obscure film producer in California and a hate-filled video he made but which nearly no one ever heard of. That video, we were repeatedly told, sparked a number of peaceful civil protests. In Benghazi it somehow got out of hand. Questioned about the affair, all the former Secretary of State had to say to Congress and the world, is “at this point, what difference does it make?

Now come more smoke-and-mirror parlor games, more deflection and distraction. WikiLeaks releases incendiary e-mails exposing a long history of corrupt and duplicitous doings that link Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and her family “business.” But, since “reputable” intelligence sources say the leaks originated with the Russians “what difference does any of that make?” Far more important is Donald Trump’s morally reprehensible behavior (not yet substantiated). Woefully wrong judgment married to a bevy of brazen lies all designed to cover up gross malfeasance. This is not the stuff of which successful administrations are made.

We speak of “fitness for office.” FBI Director James Comey called Hillary’s decision to use an unsecured server during her tenure as Secretary of State “extremely careless.” Where homeland security hangs in the balance, that is tantamount to “gross negligence.” And that is a serious criminal offense for any civil servant charged with protecting the country’s classified secrets. Call it what you will, it constitutes a reckless disregard of the nation’s vital national security interests. And what is now widely regarded as a thoroughly tainted investigation into Hillary’s handling of classified documents and the robust “business” she conducted with her family’s Foundation, has cast serious doubt on the integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, its Director, James Comey and the Department of Justice, itself. If a Department of Justice cover up, a gross dereliction of duty tied to obstruction of justice is ever shown to have occurred, it is hard to gauge the repercussion. But when trust in our most vital public institutions is lost, civil societies find themselves contemplating action previously thought unthinkable at any earlier point. Civil order, itself, could hang in the balance.

And, you know what else eludes Hillary comprehension? The historic roots and unavoidable conditions that make prosperity possible. “Trickle Down,” you see, works every time it’s tried. But running as hard as she is, she has no time to count or consider the unprecedented numbers of jobs (and new industries) that were created by such daring entrepreneurs as Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and, yes, Donald Trump. The only thing that is “Trumped-Up” is Mrs. Clinton’s baseless boast of having what it takes to improve the quality of American life.

No, Donald Trump will not make America great again, by himself. He will need the wise counsel and vigorous backing of individual Americans and grassroots groups across the country if he is to reverse the tragic current course. But, for now and as a good friend wisely advised, it’s better to take ten paces back from the looming abyss than to leap immediately off the cliff.

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Jerome Huyler is a former assistant professor at Seton Hall University. He earned his PhD in political science from the New School University in 1992 and his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, where he majored in philosophy. He is also the author of: Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era. And Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare.

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