Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 2

Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 2


Regardless of why or how a major currency collapse occurs, our nation will have a difficult, if not impossible time rebuilding. My grandfather often said that American prosperity after the Great Depression came because we went to war and had more manufacturing jobs than we knew what to do with. Since that formula worked so well before, why can’t it work again? Let’s have a look at how the next economic collapse will differ from previous ones, and why individuals won’t be able to use “tried and true” ways to recover and grow the economy.

  • Reduced Reliance on Human Work. WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam all required massive numbers of soldiers and supporting manpower. On the home front, if we wanted anything from food to refrigerators and cars, people had to physically assemble goods for sale. By contrast, our modern military uses drones in place of soldiers while factories are run by robots. The military, like any other business, has mechanized extensively in order to cut costs associated with employing human beings.
  • Reduced Reliance on American Workers. To add insult to injury, even fast food restaurants and supermarkets are adding automated teller services in order to reduce reliance on human employees. As Obamacare costs increase, taxes increase, and government regulation increases, more companies will turn to automation, go out of business, or try to do business overseas with business friendly governments. When was the last time you weren’t transferred to an outsourced tech support person in India or some other foreign country. Aside from call centers, data processing and many other “office jobs” that should be held by American workers have been shipped overseas.

Survivors have a unique opportunity to build groups that are relatively insulated from the currency collapse. Make it a point to start a business that does not rely on mechanization and then focus on bartering for goods instead of using currency. If you are already a member of survivor community, the entire group should already be using barter more than currency as a means of exchange within the group, and limit currency exchanges to selling outside the group. Never be intimidated by cheaper goods from other areas. Do your research on what interests people in the local areas and cities, and then develop designs and marketing strategies that appeal to them. It may take time to find a “trendy” product, but once you do, there will be enough money and employees to keep the business growing.

  • Lack of American Born Scientists and Doctors. Have you been noticing that most doctors and technical support people in the United States were not born in this country? What you may not realize is that universities prefer foreign students because the foreign government pays for their tuition plus any payroll the student gets for working on internships or employment through the college. Even if an American student has the money to pay for tuition in the Masters, PhD and MD levels, it is impossible to compete financially with all the money universities get from foreign governments. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that we now have doctors and scientists exclusively licensed by the government. As such, they are more than happy to do what the government says instead of what is best.

Education in a currency collapse is important. This is truly a difficult problem to overcome because the vast majority of Americans do not have the educational background that they had when we first put a man on the moon. If you are going to insulate yourself from currency collapse, you need to drill in math, core sciences, languages (English, Latin, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic). Investigate all medical care plans, all drugs you may be taking or asked to take, and all sources of commercial food. Make it your business to speak the language of science so that you know the truth and how to act on it. Not only will you have a better chance of improving your health and well-being, you will also reduce the amount of money you spend on foods, devices, and gadgets that may be harming your health to begin with.

During a currency collapse or massive civil unrest, it is likely that the government will call upon the UN to place foreign troops on our soil to police the people. The more languages you know, the better chance you have of translating what is being said, keeping your communities safe, and gaining access to important currencies. In the long run, the more capable you are of speaking to others, the better chance you have of indoctrinating them about the value of freedom and what our Constitution means. Never forget that sugar catches more flies than vinegar!

  • Militaries Worldwide Have Too Many Weapons. Not so long ago, the United States and Russia were in a huge race to sell fighter planes, guns, and other weapons to nations in Europe and the Middle East. The expected shopping spree from up and coming China and India never came because both of these countries are more than willing (and capable) of building their own weapons. As a result, our biggest export is no longer of value in a market with brand new players that already outrank us in technological innovation.

Being able to defend yourself is a key to long-term survival. Quite frankly, I love guns (and gun fashions/accessories!!) and am always awed by the genuine goodness and kindness of those who are members of the gun culture. Sadly, we are living in a nation where a few people have decided to slander and libel gun owners as part of a psychological scheme to undermine a legitimate culture and way of life. In my estimation, gun owners are fighting a losing battle that has been played out all over the world already. Every argument has been heard and the government already has dozens of predictive models to rely on for successful gun confiscation.

If you are truly interested in protecting yourself in the event of currency collapse, don’t count on guns being there, because they will all be confiscated (or the owners dead or driven underground) or ammo will be unavailable within 2 years of a complete monetary collapse. Look to making your own devices and make sure they are 10x or more deadly than a gun could ever be. When it comes to weapons innovation, there is no such thing as laws that can move fast enough to outmaneuver the human mind and will to self-defense.

  • Unhealthy Americans that are Worse than Dumbed Down. Did you know that most people are on some kind of medication, overweight, or disabled for some other reason? The sad fact is the vast majority of people in the United States cannot work efficiently, and would not be of no use if the military required more soldiers. In addition, the average reading comprehension level in the United States ranges around 5th grade.

People that are in bad health or do not have a decent education are going to find themselves at a major disadvantage in a currency collapse scenario. Take the time now to exercise, improve your diet, and transit all medical needs to herbs that you can grow for yourself. If you have children, use homeschooling and older textbooks that teach facts instead of common core garbage. You can do science fair projects and learn along with them instead of wasting time on cell phone game apps or other useless things you do to “unwind”.

  • National and Personal Debt. It is no secret that if China, Japan, and other countries foreclosed on the national debt, we would most likely be hoisting other flags instead of the American flag. Since the government guarantees student loans, small business loans, and many other forms of consumer and business debt, you never really know if a foreign investor secretly holds the title to your land, business, or other assets. Even if our government cannot manage its own debt, you can make it your business to get rid of your own debt and not get back into it. Once again, barter, trade, and community structures can help you meet basic needs while you use a reduced currency base to meet tax and debt burdens. Quite by coincidence, it should also be noted that the United States is being increasingly drawn into UN plans to disarm the global civilian population. How convenient and “coincidental” is it that our nation is deeper in debt than ever and increasingly dependent on money from foreign nationals that have a vested interest in a “bloodless” takeover of citizens that are “foreign” to them?

Written By Carmela Tyrell: Carmela is an experienced prepper that enjoys spending time working in her garden and exploring new ways to generate off-grid electricity and water for her family’s home. She prides herself in working hard to cut reliance on all things “municipal” and transition to a more self-sustainable living. She is also very knowledgeable about herbal remedies, surviving a nuclear disaster and bugging in. You can send her a message at Check articles like this and much more at

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