Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 1

Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World – Part 1


In the last 20 years, I have seen middle class and wealthy towns in the United States turn into little more than slum areas filled with abandoned houses in which drug addicts and homeless people compete with rats and roaches for a place to live. As I have mentioned in other articles, I have also survived with very little money and in situations that mimic what will happen in a large scale currency collapse. This article is designed to show you how to manage the “grey area” prior to major currency collapse and up to the time when inflation reaches critical mass and creates a defacto “bank holiday”, or the government openly devalues the currency.

Let me start off by saying that even if you see the signs, there are not always concrete lines between recession, depression, and complete economic failure. Gun control, increased government regulations, increased taxes, increased debt, and crumbling social/family values all point to a major collapse right along with key economic indicators such as falling oil prices, closing stores, housing market failure, increases in subprime lending, and increased bond activity.

Have you been watching the way gasoline prices shift several times a day? When a vital resource for daily living shifts that much in price, it is a sure sign that something very serious is happening with the currency used to buy that merchandise. If you have never been homeless, or survived a “bank holiday” in which the banks close and currencies are devalued, then you may not have an appreciation for just how deadly that situation can be when combined with natural disasters, martial law in order to confiscate “assault weapons”, and anything else that leads to social collapse and massive civil unrest. Before you decide whether or not you need to know how to survive a currency collapse consider the following:

  • Democrat members of the Congress are seriously advocating for using “watch lists” to determine who can and who cannot have a gun despite the fact that these lists can be based on opinions about who does and who does not present a danger. This is a two-edged sword determined by the political thinking of the times, and not the true risk associated with any particular person having a gun. For example, today’s Pro-abortion activist can as easily become a “terrorist” and put on these lists if we have a Republican landslide. By the same token, gun advocates will most assuredly be placed on these lists if Democrats succeed in taking control of the government.
  • Democrats are also pushing, again, for an “assault weapons ban”, and the Supreme Court has refused to hear a case that would have enabled them to strike down existing bans in California and New York.
  • Gun owners legal, illegal, peaceable and otherwise are not likely to simply turn over their guns just because the government says so. As a result, the government will be forced to put into effect gun confiscation measures. Since they know going from house to house, etc. will spark massive civil riots, it is logical (to me) that they would be more likely to use gas and other bioweapons to subdue entire towns and cities so that removing the weapons can be done in a “sanitary” way.
  • It should be noted that there are unconfirmed stories that FEMA has activated its Citizen Corps and they will be prepared to deploy on June 30, 2016; a full 2 years ahead of schedule. It is unknown what the Citizen Corps actually do, however, it would be no surprise if gassing cities to prevent civil unrest is well within their charter.
  • It is confirmed in the news that Attorney General Janet Lynch has signed up several towns and cities in the United States to partner with the Strong Cites Network. This is a private organization founded in the UK for the purpose of “stemming extremism” across the globe. Such a vague term could easily include gun confiscation even from people that have owned guns peaceably for decades simply because of manipulation for the sake of political agendas.
  • Regardless of how the government decides to put down unrest (even if that unrest stems from gun confiscation, a massive strike from ISIS, meltdowns at political conventions, or natural disaster), rest assured that currency devaluation will be used as a means to limit food, water, sanitation, medical, power, and transportation services. Therefore, if you are only minimally prepared to manage every area of life without money, or you are still in debt, you must know how to prepare for currency collapse and use those plans starting from now.

Written By Carmela Tyrell: Carmela is an experienced prepper that enjoys spending time working in her garden and exploring new ways to generate off-grid electricity and water for her family’s home. She prides herself in working hard to cut reliance on all things “municipal” and transition to a more self-sustainable living. She is also very knowledgeable about herbal remedies, surviving a nuclear disaster and bugging in. You can send her a message at Check articles like this and much more at

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