Not Knowing Can Hurt – AAW 188

Not Knowing Can Hurt – AAW 188

Welcome to An American Warning Radio / Podcast #188 – Not Knowing Can Hurt

An American Warning Radio / Podcast

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On today’s podcast we’ll discuss the following:

General News: Chemtrails – yeah, that topic. Obama commutes prison sentences of 214 drug offenders. UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police. The latest figures from the FBI show that July 2016 was the 15th consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales. Wearing ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ insignia could be punishable racial harassment.

Economics: I’ll clarify a few things about the economy from last show and then explain why I am so upset that the Obama Admin hid details of a multi-million dollar cash payout to Iran from Congress.

Global Issues: North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea off east coast. The Russian military says Syrian militants have used a toxic agent against civilians in Aleppo. The Chinese defense minister has warned the tense situation in the South China Sea poses the threat of a direct confrontation and has called on the military, police and general population to be ready to defend the country’s territorial integrity. The US Department of Justice has arrested a Chinese national for trying to smuggle airplane parts intended for China.

Health: The U.N. says that governments should tax meat production in order to stem the global rise in consumption. I’ll tell you why that’s a problem. And being overweight in middle-age makes the brain age by 10 years, according to research by the University of Cambridge.

This and so much more!!! Should be a good show.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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