Week 20 Wrap-Up 2016

Week 20 Wrap-Up 2016

Here is your WEEK 20 WRAP-UP

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General: CNN reported the following – “Sen. Barbara Boxer, a veteran of Democratic politics, says she never saw anything quite like this before. Loud cursing, shouting, obscene gestures and vile insults, including crude comments about the female anatomy. It was all on display over the weekend as supporters of Bernie Sanders turned the Nevada State Democratic Convention into chaos.” Note my sarcasm as I suggest how weird that is. There has been some fallout as a result. Sharply critical pieces about Sanders and his campaign have appeared in progressive outlets such as Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos and also from people like CNN contributor Sally Kohn, who endorsed Sanders at a massive rally in New York City just before the April primary. She wrote an article published Wednesday for Time magazine that was headlined, “I felt the Bern but the Bros are extinguishing the flames.”

The Weekly Standard reported that “Bernie Sanders revealed Tuesday that shots were fired into his Nevada campaign office and that an “apartment housing complex my campaign staff lived in was broken into and ransacked.” – Am I the only one who thinks about Hillary’s involvement in Watergate? I also find it kind of ironic that Sanders has to provide apartment housing for his campaign staff – and seemed shocked that shots were fired in it.

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed controversial legislation that would allow the families of September 11th victims to sue Saudi Arabia – meanwhile, it was discovered that Saudi owns some $117 billion in US debt. Did I mention that according to federal records, a major Hillary Clinton campaign funder is personally lobbying on behalf of an arm of the Saudi government – the same Saudi government that had given money to Clinton’s foundation? This sounds messy.

It may not matter though. A Rasmussen poll released earlier this month finds that Trump holds a 41 percent to 39 percent edge over Clinton.

Economics: Did you know that Three-quarters of people in households making less than $50,000 a year and two-thirds of those making between $50,000 and $100,000 would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill? Meanwhile, Obama is spending multiple millions to help refugees find job in America. Isn’t that nice?

Back at the ranch, the world is selling off US debt at a record pace. In fact, it’s the fastest pace for a U.S. debt selloff by global central banks since at least 1978, according to Treasury Department data published Monday afternoon. Rob Kirby suggests that we should be paying attention. “The people I know, that I would say are at the higher level of the food chain in the global world of finance, are hunkered down and making very serious preparations. What I see on a macro level is people acting like squirrels preparing for winter. They are burying nuts and gathering as much physical precious metals as they can. They are making preparations for a post-dollar world in terms of world reserve currency.”

Global: Venezuela is in the news, blaming the US for inciting aggression. President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that America is trying to meddle in his beleaguered country. Meanwhile, Maduro has already ordered military exercises to counter what he called “foreign threats.” The move comes a day after he declared a state of emergency and the exercises are being considered the biggest military exercises in its history.

In Europe, RAF jets scrambled to confront FIVE Russian warplanes threatening Estonian airspace. The Ministry of Defense called it the latest show of aggression from the Kremlin. Russia is also currently building camps inside of Syria (which means that are not leaving).

In the South China Sea, two Chinese military aircraft intercepted a U.S. military reconnaissance plane Tuesday. Then the vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “The Chinese people do not want to have war, so we will be opposed to [the] U.S. if it stirs up any conflict; of course, if the Korean War or Vietnam War are replayed, then we will have to defend ourselves.” Also notable: the Chinese military exercises earlier this week were aimed at threatening Taiwan ahead of the recent presidential inauguration, Ministry of National Defense officials told legislators, adding that the armed forces are ready to defend the nation.

Just FYI: According to the Washington Free Beacon – A senior Iranian military commander claimed that U.S. officials are quietly encouraging the Islamic Republic to keep its illicit ballistic missile tests a secret so as not to raise concerns in the region, according to Persian language comments. Oh ya, and Russia’s military strength in Syria has barely changed since President Vladimir Putin announced a partial withdrawal from the war-torn country in March, the Pentagon said Wednesday. Also noteworthy; in fictional book published on Wednesday, former deputy commander of NATO, the former British general Sir Alexander Richard Shirreff argues that the events in Crimea have destroyed the post-cold-war settlement and set the stage for conflict, beginning next year. Evidently, this book is based on a plausible scenario.

Health: One of every five refugees resettled in Minnesota by the federal government tested positive for latent tuberculosis in 2014, according to the state’s Department of Health. And the numbers are rising. In fact, after 20 years of seeing a decline in TB cases, it has begun to inch up in U.S. For clarity, TB is an airborne infectious disease; one in three people worldwide have latent TB. Looks like I wrote my health book just in time!

In other news, the UK’s NHS has finally come out and said that swallowing human feces will cure disease. Of course, they are talking about fecal matter transplants and oral taken fecal capsules. Awesome technology! But, they have also opened a frozen fecal bank. Good news for those suffering from things like C.Diff.

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