Week 19 Wrap-Up

Week 19 Wrap-Up

Here is your Week 19 Wrap-Up

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General: There is a rise of militia in this nation. There is a rise of preppers in this nation. There is a rise in the number of Constitutional Sheriffs in this nation as well. Is this all a coincidence? I’m guessing not.

By the way; are you aware that there is an estimated $20 billion that Mexicans working in the U.S. send home each year? Is that stimulating our economy? So, understand that if they are getting free food, food housing, free healthcare, free education, free this and free that, and sending home billions of dollars on top of that… perhaps it’s not a racial issue so much as an economic one. Don’t like that position? Cry about it! Anyway, Trump has promised to stop remittances and Mexico doesn’t like it. Of course they don’t. That’s why they built on a wall on their southern border – to stop those who are draining their economy – meanwhile, they are providing instruction to their own people on how to drain ours. Define irony.

Economics: This week we discovered that in 2014, nearly 1 in 6 young men in the U.S. were either jobless or incarcerated. I wonder what it is now.

Also, this week Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen didn’t rule out using negative rates in a future crisis but emphasized that they would be adopted as a last resort. But here’s the kicker: you should expect a future crisis and then understand that the methods they have currently will not save us. Expect negative interest rates VERY soon.

Another thing to expect very soon would be a defined recession. I would imagine that will come in the month or so… but may be as late as third quarter.

Global: Moscow media claims that Russia is about to test out a terrifying new nuclear weapon that can dodge radar defenses and bring destruction to an area the size of ‘Texas or France’. Of course, this news comes not even a month after we learned that China has allegedly tested a missile with the longest range of any ballistic missile in the world and carries up to 10 super destructive warheads and a weapon capable of hitting London and other major European or American cities in just 30 minutes.

More interesting news out of Russia: Russian officials are pretty upset with NATO at the moment. NATO recently celebrated the opening of a missile defense system in Europe, but the reaction in Russia suggested the system had raised the risks of a nuclear war.

Meanwhile, the US military is down to pre-WWII numbers in regard to personnel but is still bold enough to send its third warship in less than seven months into waters of the South China Sea claimed by China – who is willing to scramble fighter jets as a result to show its defense installations in the area are necessary. But yeah, I’m sure there is no story here.

Health: Good news on the health front – research shows that taking a solid 15 minute nap in the afternoon can help you perform at peak levels.

Bad news on the health front – when was the last time your doctor tried to teach you anything about nutrition? We already know that statistically speaking, doctors and medication deaths are the top 1 and 3 causes of death in the US. Well, when you factor in the other leading causes of death, you can’t ignore poor nutrition. The Huffington Post reported that “poor nutrition is the leading cause of poor health in the United States and globally, causing more deaths and disability than any other factor.” So my question is who defines nutritional standards, allows big corporations to use horrible chemicals, and genetically modify foods? Hmm… it’s a mystery.

Health Related: A Federal Judge ruled this week that the Obama administration is violating a provision of Obamacare by paying promised reimbursements to health insurers who provide coverage at reduced costs to low-income Americans. The Judge said it was Unconstitutional. We’ll see what happens with that.

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