Rebellion and Money – AAW119

Rebellion and Money – AAW119

Welcome to An American Warning Radio / Podcast #119 – Rebellion and Money

An American Warning Radio / Podcast

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On today’s podcast we’ll discuss the following:

▶ We need a rebellion. A rebellion against media, against apathy, against non-participation, against ignorance, against un-American ideals, against complacency, against fear, and against laziness. So many are talking about things that need to be done; but exactly what “someone” else can do it?

▶ We also need to address the money situation. Economies are still falling. Jobs are still weak. The economic data shows a growth of only 1.5%, and even that weak number will more than likely be revised. Schiff has some scary words that I am going to share as well.

▶ You have heard me talk about the “Big 5” before. Today, they have all hit the news, and in a very alarming way. Prophetic? Not really. More like cause and effect.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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4 thoughts on “Rebellion and Money – AAW119

  1. “No State shall…emit Bills of Credit” ARTICLE I, SECTION 10, CLAUSE 1, which was a term of art for paper money.

  2. “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts..” ARTICLE I, SECTION 10, CLAUSE 1

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