If You’re a Patriot, It’s What You Do

If You’re a Patriot, It’s What You Do

The framers framed the Constitution “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

All that is needed to recover America’s noble past and prevent a calamitous future is a fuller appreciation of all liberty PROMISES & IMPLIES.

All men are born free (women too). When Government lets free people live in freedom, peace and safety, there is LIBERTY

Liberty is the freedom to live and be left alone, to gain, keep, use, trade and dispose of the just fruits of honest industry.

If Liberty is largely consumed in labor and the fruit of one’s labor is one’s property, (whether as wages, salary or profit).then any welfare act government commits is an act of theft under cover of law.

The principle of property stands guard against every form of wealth transfer (aka corporate/social welfare). Only we let our guard down a long time ago.

Nobody can transfer to another more power than he has himself, and no one has a power to take the life or property of another” John Locke

Government may tax us, but only as much as it costs to PROTECT us (that’s way less than 25%of of annual federal spending)

Since Washington spends $680 billion on National Defense and $2.680 TRILLION on Income Security, alone, insofar as its vital role as PROTECTOR is concerned, government is only MOONLIGHTING

There is no problem the country now faces that a national welfare revolt won’t fix.

If You’re a Patriot, It’s What You Do!

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Jerome Huyler is a former assistant professor at Seton Hall University. He earned his PhD in political science from the New School University in 1992 and his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, where he majored in philosophy. He is also the author of: Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era. And Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare.

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