What Is This Bill For Exactly?

What Is This Bill For Exactly?

I haven’t done “RANT” article in a while. So I thought I would share a recent encounter with you. Not entirely sure why… but I thought that at the very least… you might get a kick out of it. I know I sure did.

Not long ago, I got a bill from the city water department, suggesting that I owed money.  Their proof? A postcard that said I owed it. I called them to try and figure out, not only how, but why, and to figure out if it could be settled through logic and reason. I didn’t believe I owed the money.

Imagine my surprise (sarcasm) when they seemed fresh out of both logic and reason. The following is the letter that I sent to the water department after I hung up the phone…

I did end up paying… but really only because a $30 bill was not worth the fight or the hit on my credit. Still, it was a great opportunity to write such a letter and to have some fun with it.

Of course now… if they attempt to retaliate in any way shape or form… it has been documented publicly.

It’s my life… and I share it with you…


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  1. johnnyddunn

    this has happened to me more than once……..

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