An American Warning Podcast #1

An American Warning Podcast #1

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Let’s just go ahead and get this kicked off a little early!

There is no reason to put it off any longer. I have decided that I can do this show for a while without having a set a time or schedule if I do it as a podcast. This is probably going to work out better for now anyway.

In this episode, I introduce myself to what will end up being a decent sized new audience. I discuss the pre-thanksgiving drop of numerous regulations by the White House. I also discuss the Ferguson situation.

For now, I’m going to keep the shows at about an hour. That being said, if you want these shows to get longer and more constant, I’m going to need your help. This is being done as a service right now because of the repeated requests for content in “audio only” format.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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