Why I am Alarmed

Why I am Alarmed

So I haven’t written anything since my father passed away. I just got wrapped up in my own problems and had to do a lot of soul searching. As you know, he died a slow painful death and it was very difficult to watch. I will try to put out some articles here in the future, but I have some big changes going on right now.

I decided to use the experience as motivation to do some changes in my life. I have quit my job and my house is pretty much sold. I have decided to move out of southern Nevada and be somewhere closer to natural water and food sources. NW Washington State is where opportunity showed its face, so I am in the process of making it all happen. Close date on the house is set for June16!

Throughout this whole ordeal, my wife and I can’t help but be alarmed at the pace in which the world seems to be falling apart. We were thinking of sending the kids to Hawaii for a month or so while we do all the packing and moving. Now we are not so sure that it would be wise to split the family up.

The two things that are weighing heavy on our minds: The civil war in Ukraine and Operation American Spring. Either one of these two things could spark world changing events. The civil war in Ukraine is showing all the signs of leading to WWIII. The western media is doing its best to hide the facts about what’s happening to the civilian population there, like Ukrainian military shooting unarmed protesters. The video footage coming out of there is saddening to say the least. There is no way Putin is going to sit back and watch the Russian population in Ukraine get shot and killed. I believe he would be justified in taking action to defend these people.

Operation American Spring will be a great chance to see just how much of the population is awake. We have been saying that people are waking up in record numbers, well I guess we are about to find out how true that is or not. For it to succeed without bloodshed, it will take an act of God. There is no way our government is going to get rid of all of the scum and put new scum in their place. This just has bad news written all over it. It still is better than doing nothing at all!

In parting, I would like to take the time to thank all who have been supporting the cause at An American Warning TV. I hope that I am just being a worry wart and everything will be fine. Having friends like David Robertson don’t really support that line of thinking though (LOL). May we all be safe in our travels down this slippery slope.

…… Wood

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I am a 37 year old family man who just started to get informed on what’s been going on in the world and at home.

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3 thoughts on “Why I am Alarmed

  1. Daremo San

    Godspeed to all.

  2. Wood

    Thank you James and I will keep you all posted on how things are going.

  3. James

    Glad to see you writing again and can’t wait for more.
    You and your family are in our prayers, hope the move goes well.

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