A Debt Of Honor And Valor Can Never Be Repaid!

A Debt Of Honor And Valor Can Never Be Repaid!

We live in a country that is unique to any other place in the world. America was more than a new discovery, it was more than a new start, and it was more than an idea of what could be. America would become a testament to what could be accomplished of an idea to became a movement that would become a lifestyle of patriotism.

This great land started from fire, blood and tears through the sacrifice of so many just to get here on weeks of a journey on boat that literally was a death sentence for many who took it. When we look at the history of the Pilgrims first their history have been whitewashed in our text books. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this, and have found so much of the history removed. These are a people that escaped a land that began to persecute them for their belief of worshiping God as they saw fit, and not how the tyranny told them. This was a time when much of the world’s government was an organized religion.

Many of us think that their journey began when they came here, but what we don’t know is their story began even before their escape to Holland, and failed first attempt to sail to the new land. There’s actually a great movie that does a good job bringing this to light called “Monumental, In Search of America’s National Treasure”.

Many even get heartburn over religion, but religion is the single reason America was founded, and why this great experiment began. Like it or not religion or church, yes they are different, helps to give us a “moral compass”, and most of which helped to draft the Constitution and first laws of this great land. It is true that many of our founding fathers were deists, and many were also Christian, as well some were agnostic. The common thread between them is they read the scriptures at this time as learned men in a quest of knowledge and enlightenment. The entire mindset of personal freedom and the bill of rights come from the idea of God whether you believe in Him or not. Matter of fact until the early 50’s each freshman Congressman received a copy of a book Thomas Jefferson put together from the Bible that were teachings of Jesus. This book was used as a guide for the Congressman to govern by, and was meant as a moral compass to guide them in their decisions. In my humble opinion if you look closely at the timeline of things slipping away from a republic can be directly attributed to this time in our history albeit some will say it is merely coincidence.

Without a moral compass how can we judge what is good, and what is evil? We’re seeing this played out today where things that once were looked on as taboo are now welcomed with such fervency that it has almost become a new form of worship, but in this case it is a worship of self. In my humble opinion and faith also I believe that mankind was put on this planet to worship because it is in our nature. This is why we look for role models, look for messiahs, look for people to follow.

Unless people have a higher affinity to something larger than ourselves then we will never make the hard choices, and we will never be willing to do what is right for the betterment of the republic to continue a path of greatness. This is a sacrifice paved in rivers of red that have been thrust upon us. Death from travel to the new world that began the blood sacrifice for this country through to wars like the Revolutionary, Civil and all the others fought on this soil. Sure we have made mistakes in our history, but we have always done what is right to fix it. To be honest there is a statute of limitations on apologies needed for these mistakes. A people who get caught up on the past can never learn from, and will forever be doomed to repeat it until they come face to face with it to move on.

Our founding fathers signed their own death warrant with our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. To keep these documents to not be written in vain it was mandatory that some would have to defend it. Our US Military is some of the best in the world because they understand that it is bigger than themselves. I believe that most of us whom have and still serve have an innate understanding of honor and commitment that most people will never understand and even despise. We see this in the vast difference of compensation for our Military members and Congress alone, but also to most of the media that has such a contempt for our military we see that crevasse of difference in their salaries and our military. We even see this when actors, musicians and athletes think their jobs can equate to that of literally putting your life on the line for people that despise you. I remember more than 20 years ago standing inline for my first haircut at MCRD Parris Island for Marine bootcamp reading a statement on the wall, “A civilian can never understand how someone can kill with one hand while embracing with the other” (at least something like this). This is what makes the difference you’re willing to make the tough decision when it is needed, yet you hope and pray that day never comes. Instead our men and women whom serve are portrayed as sociopathic killers, and not the heroes they should be. Every time one of them come home they should have a parade in their honor, and for the ones who have paid that ultimate sacrifice… well this should go without saying, and most reading this already feel this way already.

Compensation for Congress is set currently at $174,000 yearly, and retain a large portion of this for life along with the best medical benefits. Many of them also when leaving office will go on to other lucrative positions that make this salary for life unneeded.

Base salary for Military members is currently set at $1,531.50 for the lowest rank to $12,827.10 for the highest paid General (or equivalent) over 18 years of service monthly. However, our average Solider, Marine, Sailor or Airmen overseas fighting are at a rate of about $2,555.10 per month. Sure they get medical benefits, some housing costs, and some food costs, but the sad fact is that most of them if married with kids also have go on welfare because of the vast difference to what is needed. The sad fact is that this was even true in the 1990’s when I served, and it makes me sick! Even if they spend 20 years or more of service which is what it takes to get their pension they will only receive about 35-50% (at least in 1999 when I served) of their “Base” monthly salary. Then they return to the civilian world, and lucky if they can even find a job that pays anything much at all to day.

They proudly do without so much, they put their lives on hold while serving, and some even give an arm and leg literally or even their lives for this little bit of money in return. How, why do they do this? Its that little thing called honor and duty!

As a seven year Marine veteran I see how this country has fallen apart in the last 15 years since serving, and I am disgusted. I even sometimes feel that I wasted 7 years of my life in vain. I drove by the reserve base that I was stationed at in my last 3 years of active duty the other day to show my family, and was quickly reminded of the friends I lost. I took and oath, and it does not come with an expiration date. I forever fight for freedom! I will forever take a stand for what is right! I will not allow anyone to talk me down. I will not allow anyone to disrespect my country without being called to task! I don’t even do this for me, or the seven years I gave, but for all those who came before me and yet to come that have given their blood for each and everyone of us! Their sacrifice will not be in vain on my watch. I will stand up to the bully pulpit of our government, and proudly be placed on their list! I am an American by birth and a Patriot by choice and calling. I will never apologize for the greatest country in the world that has been the model for so many freedoms in the world.

Please write your congressmen and tell them they need to ensure our veterans get pay increases, and will always receive benefits in a timely manner. Its time we take care of our brave heroes who defend our freedoms still today before other parts of the government get paid.

To all whom have and still serving today Godspeed and may the Lord greatly bless your lives because you deserve it! As for me and my house we will always have a great respect and appreciation for your sacrifice!

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Dedicated 7 years of my life taking a stand for Freedom as a US Marine. I took an oath that never expires, and it has awakened a passion to protect the God-given rights of all Americans, whether natural born or naturalized citizens. As a Christian I also look at things in a two-sided way much like a coin. As a former Marine and regular citizen I see how control is being fought for this country while limiting the rights of every citizen. As a Christian I see how this country has moved away from a moral conscientiousness that most people acknowledged God as a way to live a better life. Today its the direct opposite where in fact not only are people running as far away as possible, but now the Christians are being in many cases targeted. This has led to the things we face in this nation today from the last 50 years of degradation of morals in America. I am an “Unapologetic” pro-gun, pro-liberty, pro-constitution, pro-“marriage”, Christian American and proud of it. I will not cower to Political Correctness I do believe everyone has their own choices and beliefs of how they choose to live, and will not force mine on them. I will not allow theirs to be forced on me. I love this great country and what we stand for; we welcome everyone from any race, religion, and more as long as you follow our laws and come here legally. My wife is a naturalized American citizen, and I'm American born... we're Patriots by choice! I started InfringedApparel in 2013 because I wanted to create shirts to inspire people while keeping the conversation going about our rights being stolen from us while the citizens are asleep.

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