Great News! You can now order your copy of RELOADED: An American Warning

That’s right, the book that everyone is talking about is now available!

Are you one of the informed, or one of the ignorant? History is beginning to repeat itself once again. Can you guess were these ignorant masses are going to end up? RELOADED – An American Warning is yet another chance intended to provide intellectual separation from those deemed the “low information” masses. The ideas in this book may scare you, but we must confront these problems head on. There are many problems we face these days, but you must remember one thing: Before we can receive the right answers about what to do, we must first be willing to ask the right questions about what is wrong.

So what are people saying about it?

Wendi said: “A Must Read” “By far the best book I have read informing Americans of what is REALLY going on!”

Mike said: “I urge you to get this book and make the decisions for yourself. I can promise you, if you read this book you will enter a long journey for the better.”

Jackie said it’s “An eye opening experience! Full of informative, truthful, and well researched information. Makes you realize how blinwaitisoverd we all are to the real truth about our government and our unconstitutional laws.”

And Lyle said: “A truly good read for intellectuals and people seeking some clarity in the complicated world we are living in.”

So far, the book maintains a 4 and 5 Star rating on both and Google Play! There is a Hardcover version, a Paperback version, and an Ebook version.

“RELOADED – An American Warning” brings you a better understanding of the Foundation of this great nation, and the decay that is currently underway. It covers many of the problems we face today, what we can expect to see in the coming days and years, and of course, additional perspectives that only An American Warning can bring you.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There is some great information about what you will be able to do to prepare yourself, some handy lists to double check, some extremely interesting historical facts, as well as a few surprises along the way.

This book is meant to shake some people awake, and put a fire under those who already are. This is not the time to get comfortable; this is the time to start looking around.

One request: if you are ordering online, when you are done reading it, please leave a review at the site you ordered it from. And before you order… let me just thank everyone: my friends, family, and fans for the support. It means more than you know.

Order Online Now at any of these fine retailers:







We will list more retailers who carry it as they become available.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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10 thoughts on “RELOADED

  1. Congratulations on getting the book out, David!

  2. Travis

    This is great news and I’m so happy it is finnaly hear

  3. Ordered today on Amazon.

  4. Daremo San

    For the hardcover will there be a Level III or Level IIIA edition?

    I want to be able to read it in public.

  5. Which way to purchase will give David the most profit?

    1. Not sure that matters Mike. While appreciated, it’s more about the information. Good looking out though!

    2. Just want to make sure effort gets it’s rewards. I’ve been looking forward to the book since the first show.

    3. that is appreciated more than can be expressed.

    4. I just ordered my copy thru Amazon.

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