I Am An Unapologetic American

I Am An Unapologetic American

I am an unapologetic American. As a former US Marine I am serious about America, but for me I grew in a time when American Pride was something to be revered, and not apologized for while striving to be a Patriot.  Since the mid 90’s I’ve seen a disturbing trend of disrespecting the flag, and an apologetic or shameful attitude for the “sins” of our fathers. Our generations today are paying for mistakes people have made in this country early on. The worst part is that this happens only here in America because many of the same “sins” of America were happening around the world at the very same time.  All people and countries make mistakes, but America is the only one held to pay for its sins. It is long past time for us to move on beyond these mistakes as we have learned from at least most of them.

One of our greatest strengths as Americans is that we learn from our mistakes, and put things in place to prevent these things in the future. Nothing is more prevalent than our own founding documents in the Amendments you can see where we made adjustments to earlier Amendments. We have allowed these earlier amendments to remain as a testament to show how we learn. I will bring up a sore subject of mistakes we have made in this country which is Slavery and Racism in the 60’s. Why am I who was born in the 70’s sometime after all this went down still be held to the same caliber as of that time during the civil rights days? I am proud of the fact that we as a country have moved on past this black eye in our history as we learned from it. Three things I cannot stand the most are lies, thieves & racism. Just because I disagree with someone of a different ethnicity doesn’t mean that I hate them.

United we stand, and divided we will fall! This is exactly what the power grabbers, America haters, and liberty loathers are trying to do with us all. They know that if they can separate us on everything from race, political affiliation, entitlements, health, foreign relations, etc. then they will be able to keep us as sheeple… a sheeple without a Sheppard. If we remain sheeple then they keep their paradigm intact, and can continue to move the greatest nation that ever has been into nothing but a mere memory of what use to be. America’s fate then travels the same road of Rome and others that we read about in history books.  I say “not on my watch” as I stand with other patriots as “watchmen on the wall” of this great country.

When you have people teaching our children, teenagers, and young adults who have such a disdain and loathing for America then the result is what we are living today. It almost reminds me of a Johnny Depp movie with a different name “Fear and Loathing in America”.  The sad state of affairs is that most of our politicians, leaders, teachers & professors are the same anti-Vietnam protesting radicals of the 60’s.  Added to these ranks are the people behind the scenes that we will never know who they are, but maybe only see a few glimpses. These are the associations, mentors and former teaches of theirs something that has been 100 years in the making. They are in it for the long haul, and for us to think that this will “never happen in America” shows just how ignorant we can be as Americans.  George Soros is one that comes to mind since he has his hand in every aspect of our government either directly or indirectly via his shadow companies and tentacles.

In every nation since the beginning of time we have always had thieves and raiders alike. Today we have the same but who are mostly under cover, or at least they think. Today many of them are lobbyists and politicians. We also have some that make entitlements a living because they don’t want to work, and as a result they hurt the very people that really need the help can’t get it. In both these examples they have figured out how to use the system that was created for their own benefit and laziness of not working hard.

I remember a time when people would risk life and limb to come to this country with only $50 or less to their name just for a “chance” to work hard so one day they or their children may have the chance to make it and be part of that American dream. I still think this goes on, but now so many more have found that America is a piggy bank that they can make withdraws from without putting their own money in.  All because Americans by our nature are the most giving and generous people in the world.

Shining city on a hill” a beacon of hope that we were for so many. Hopefully leave a legacy and country to be proud of for my children and the many generations after.  We need to stay above the fray ignore the noise that is trying to divide us, and make the hard choice now that Americans have always been good at making, but doing it in way that is as harmless to the people as possible although no one will make it out unscathed at this point.

I am proud to be an American Patriot, and I will never apologize for being an American or the way I believe. I will not apologize for not fitting into your “Politically Correct” world. I have a freedom of speech which also means a freedom of my own beliefs and not what you give me. If you don’t like our flag, our values, our laws then the border goes both ways, and we will even help you pack up all your crap to get out.  This goes for natural born Americans, naturalized citizens, especially “Undocumented”… no I won’t say it… I mean “Illegal” because if you didn’t come here legally you are illegal, period!

God bless America and may we rise like a phoenix from the ashes that have been thrust upon us. Live on America so we can truly become that great nation our founding fathers have seen, and that America Martin Luther King Jr. prayed for.  An America for future generations to call home, and dream to risk life to come for just a “chance”.

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Dedicated 7 years of my life taking a stand for Freedom as a US Marine. I took an oath that never expires, and it has awakened a passion to protect the God-given rights of all Americans, whether natural born or naturalized citizens. As a Christian I also look at things in a two-sided way much like a coin. As a former Marine and regular citizen I see how control is being fought for this country while limiting the rights of every citizen. As a Christian I see how this country has moved away from a moral conscientiousness that most people acknowledged God as a way to live a better life. Today its the direct opposite where in fact not only are people running as far away as possible, but now the Christians are being in many cases targeted. This has led to the things we face in this nation today from the last 50 years of degradation of morals in America. I am an “Unapologetic” pro-gun, pro-liberty, pro-constitution, pro-“marriage”, Christian American and proud of it. I will not cower to Political Correctness I do believe everyone has their own choices and beliefs of how they choose to live, and will not force mine on them. I will not allow theirs to be forced on me. I love this great country and what we stand for; we welcome everyone from any race, religion, and more as long as you follow our laws and come here legally. My wife is a naturalized American citizen, and I'm American born... we're Patriots by choice! I started InfringedApparel in 2013 because I wanted to create shirts to inspire people while keeping the conversation going about our rights being stolen from us while the citizens are asleep.

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