Time for a Routine Change

Time for a Routine Change

Time for a Routine Change? Today I want to talk about how hard it is to alter your everyday routine. I guess I should say how hard we make it out in our heads, before we even try. I’m guilty as hell on this particular subject. I’m like an 80 year old dog when it comes to change. Even the thought of having to alter my day to day is exhausting. This line of thought is neither healthy nor productive! Like I have stated before, the purpose of this blog is for us to take this journey together and talk about it along the way.

Together, is the only way we can make a difference! I know that personally, I have a ton of work to do on myself. My job, health, and location are all problems for me. I’ll bet there are millions of people who are in the same situation as I am. These are tough times and they only seem to be getting worse. Guys and gals, we have to keep our chins up and work together! We have to create opportunities or nothing will change! No handouts here!

Over the course of the last year, I have discovered that the internet can be a very useful tool in creating change in your life. We old fashioned people need to realize that times are different now. Networking and information searches are vital tools these days. Granted, there is a lot of crap and misinformation out there to fill your head with. You have to use common sense and logic, but doesn’t that go for everything we do?

When it comes to becoming more informed, there are some very simple steps you can take; such as, taking time to find some mainstream and alternative news sources that you like and set yourself up to get notifications. I know most of you have a Facebook or Youtube account. How hard would it be to find some sources and subscribe or like them so you get notified of any updates? An American Warning TV is on both of those, by the way! I’m not saying you have to read every article that comes by, but at least you’re getting the headlines! There are tons of apps for news feeds you can get for your phone, use some! I have one I really enjoy called “News Republic,” on android. I get headlines from all over the globe. Do I read every one of them? No, but at least I am creating that choice.

Once you inform yourself, you start to engage in conversations that before you felt were above you. It is through conversation where change will be born. Live chats are starting to become very popular too. This would fall under the networking category. We have a live chat every Sunday at 6pm PST on AnAmericanWarningTV Youtube channel. Through events like this you can meet and talk to like minded individuals and discuss the news from throughout the week. You could listen in while your tinking around the house. Who knows, you might even make some friends and enjoy yourself a little. Remember once you stop learning, your mind and body will begin to decay. This is a fact of life!

My point is that we need to realize that being informed is vital in these hard times. We need to stop thinking that paying attention and asking questions is un-cool; that news is for old people and retired folks who are bored. Our country and way of life is being threatened, but most have no idea why. Everywhere you go there are people with their face in some sort of device and if you peek at what they are looking at, it’s usually a game or texting. These things are mere distractions that are tricking your mind into thinking it’s being used and productive.

Enough with the bullshit people! You can exercise your mind without having to drive anywhere or take time away from your family. Once you stimulate those brain cells and get involved, maybe you will create some opportunities you never knew existed. I am very thankful for the friends I have made through An American Warning and I enjoy learning with them. Join us in being part of history.

God…..Bless America


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I am a 37 year old family man who just started to get informed on what’s been going on in the world and at home.

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10 thoughts on “Time for a Routine Change

  1. So here I am visiting with family over the Holidays and I take a few moments to check out what is happening with my friends at AAW.

    Yes I’m starting have some withdrawal from the show break, but I look forward to the return show.

    Once again “Wood” comes through in a surprisingly refreshing way that I think we can all relate too in some fashion without wondering if we should all dedicate a new tithe to a cause. Keep it up and all the best for the New Year to you and your family.

  2. Wood

    Well Adam, I don’t like that I live in a big city. I am having trouble finding work in a smaller town though. I’ve been applying all over, but with no luck. My wife wants out of here too, so that wont be a problem. its just a really bad time to be trying to find a good job in a rural town. As for your location, yeah coastal has its ups a downs. Personally, the weather is too unstable for me. I’m looking more at high desert or woodland myself. Best of luck Adam.

  3. Adam Falcon

    Wood, I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned your location is a problem. Without spilling too many personal beans on you and your family, what exactly do you mean by this? I too have a problem with my location, but I’m not sure if its the same type of problem you have with yours. I’ll explain my problem real quick, if anyone cares to read. I tried desperately talking my wife into moving into a more secluded place than where we live now. No where in particular, I was just willing to move away from our current location which is about 70 miles South of a very large air force base and about 40 miles from an Army Base. I see these two locations as targets in a shit hit the fan scenario. I’m also about 3 hours from the Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana) and I dont like that either. I feel that anywhere coastal US is not a good place to be. Unfortunately for my boys and me, the wife wouldnt budge and we just purchased some land here where I grew up, (slap in between the two bases). I feel if these dummy leaders we have in the world these days start throwing Nukes at each other like its the cool thing to do, (then I’m pretty much FRIED CHICKEN). I told my wife, that I am going to tell her, “I told ya so” in the event if we see a very bright light….. Of course, I’m like everyone else, I hope so badly that never happens, but I believe in preparing for every possible situation. Any input on my problem would be appreciated. Again, good read Wood.

  4. Jersey Dad

    I can understand how you feel about voting, especially given the state where I live. The main point is that it is a step towards doing something & being informed, even a little, of things outside of your own direct life.(not you in particular) Really, it takes less then 10 minutes to vote including driving. If people don’t bother to do that, can we expect them to actually do something that may take some real effort?

  5. Jersey Dad

    Thx for sharing your thoughts & views. I always assumed that the people around me were well informed. I believed that it was basic common sense to read between the lines of mainstream news & to further investigate various sources of news. To my surprise almost no one else even tries to inform themselves about anything. I mean anything. Most people have no idea even when local elections are taking place. The worst part is they don’t even care. Some have told me they don’t have time for that, some tell me their 1 vote won’t make a difference anyway, some have said they don’t follow politics. So, bottom line I feel we are now obligated to inform the people around us or at least to give them the sources to seek out information for themselves. Hopefully some will eventually begin to see that knowledge is a necessity not a burden.

    1. Wood

      I must say, I too am guilty when it comes to voting. I never felt my vote counted or even mattered. Unfortunately, I still feel this way. I feel we are past the point of no return. I will be voting this year, just so I can feel I tried to make a difference, but the show and website are where I feel we can do the most damage so to speak.

  6. Wood

    Thank you Robert, and I hope to see more of you on the website. We all can grow together!

  7. Robert

    I totally appreciate this article. I am coming to the same type of enlightenment as you are regarding the need to stay on top of the right kind of news; but from a different direction. Since I began watching AnAmericanWarningTV and reading these posts I realized that I had too much info coming at me. It was all garbage, insignificant, useless info. I have decided to ratchet up the intensity of my research, but only with deliberate effort for significance and truth. Thank you for your effort and willingness to say what needs to be said in such a personal way.

  8. Daremo San

    Guilty as charged.

    While I consider myself more well informed than the average Joe or Jane… I need to step up my game. I need to take that next step and get more involved. The topics we cover here at An American Warning are very meaningful to me and have been since as long as I can remember. Enough can’t be said as to the therapeutic value of simply engaging in respectful conversation with fellow travelers. I want to continue in that but on a deeper and broader level.

  9. Good read again. Change is hard especially when we are creatures of habit. It’s uncomfortable to get out of that comfort, and even more so if you just want to escape for a little while. Staying informed is something we all need to be so that things in life don’t sneak up on us, but it allows us to put pressure on those who wish us harm.

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