Religion is for Sissies

Religion is for Sissies

I’m always amazed at how things work out. A couple weeks ago a new shirt design came to mind “Religion is for sissies, true faith is for a strong minded individual”.  Little did I know that it would become prevalent so soon.  Politics and religion are two things that screw up this world way too often. I’m reminded by Matthew 7:16 “You will fully recognize them by their fruits (actions). Do people pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?” However, in the message translation this becomes even more apparent (verses 15-20) “Be wary of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other. Don’t be impressed with charisma; look for character. Who preachers are is the main thing, not what they say. A genuine leader will never exploit your emotions or your pocketbook. These diseased trees with their bad apples are going to be chopped down and burned.” whereas we could replace “false preachers” or “preachers” with politicians. These collections of verses are so much more common today in every aspect of life that it sickens me. Whether a Christian, Democrat, Republican, or what have you I’m tired of these snakes!

I say religion is for sissies because as a Christian, or how I would say “Believer”, it is not a religious issue for me or my wife. In the 90’s a big phrase was “it’s not religion, it’s a relationship”. And even this couldn’t be further from the truth. It has become a lifestyle that I live. I truly believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit… oh yes this make me one of “those”. I will not apologize for it either. I will not back down. You will not pigeon hold me for it either.  I have learned many things over the many years since growing up the son of a Pastor. There are a lot of so called “preachers” who do not practice what they preach because it is all about religion for them; however, there’s a lot more that do practice what they preach.

The reason that it has to be a lifestyle, and be for a strong minded individual is because it becomes more than just going through the motions. It’s more than going to a church service. Its more than listening to someone tell you how to live. It’s even more than “applying” it to your life as I’ve heard so many times along with other “Christianese” talk. It’s a learning process, and has to be this way.  It should never be about regurgitating something you heard all your life whether from your parents or a preacher. You don’t say the sinners prayer, and all a sudden you’re an expert. Likewise, sitting in a pew or chair for year under someone doesn’t make you an expert.  Even if you’re a Christian for 50 years you still wouldn’t be an expert.

It’s about a true transformation in your mind, soul, and how you live. This takes a lot of responsibility and hard work. When this is your life you will live under a permanent microscope.  You will be scrutinized more than anyone else in the world especially politicians who can literally get away with murder. So we have to watch how we walk, talk and act otherwise one little mistake is held over us more than anyone else.  This isn’t even the main sense of this article, but rather to set a stage of my thought process for this article.

This brings me to most recent events going on with the fake scandal of Duck Dynasty, A&E and Phil Robertson. It is a fake scandal to continue to keep us all divided which I referenced in “Pride in America”.  Why is this even a scandal? Why is it that when a “Christian” says something like this then all hell will break loose? Why doesn’t the Liberal media bastions say anything about the Muslims who will kill homosexuals? Why don’t they say anything about the Russians and the gay Olympians? I could very easily go on with these topics left and right, but I won’t. Perhaps this became a controversy because the Administration just bombed a wedding party in Yemen with drones, but likely that’s not the case.  This is only a fake scandal to make gays victims just like minorities, illegal’s or the 99% are still being made victims.  From a liberal logic the more victims you have the more you control.  When people are being victimized then they rely on big brother to come to the rescue.

For A&E I think they could really care less about this whole thing Phil said because they knew he has said this type of stuff over and over again, and they know who the Robertson family are.  If they didn’t know this then they are just brain dead and purely stupid which may not be far off either.  I believe it is more about publicity than anything else. They are using this because they knew it would erupt, and figured more people would tune into one of the highest grossing shows on air right now.  I personally have not seen it because we cut off satellite years ago, and just use our Roku & the Internet to stay up on everything for news and programming.  It always comes down to the bottom line today which is money.

Here lies my dig, and what really bothers me more than anything else… Religion and more so, religious people. I could use this to talk about the Westboro Baptist morons, but do I really need to? Of course not because we all know that these people are some of the more stupid people in the world today.  Instead Conservatives and Christians alike are all condemning the over reaction of A&E as a First Amendment issue. As a staunch constitutionalist, I want to ask “since when did A&E become a government entity”? A 1A violation is only when the government takes action. A&E has every right to cut off their hand that pays bills if they want to. To all the Christians that are upset about A&E suspending Phil over comments that although were crude to some point, but not at all demeaning why should this matter to us? If you are upset ok boycott them I don’t care, but don’t be so upset that you say they can’t do this, and something should be done! If you open this door then you open another door that a Christian business owner can’t let someone go for demeaning Christians or anything else like this… it’s common sense so use it!

To all my fellow Christians, where are you on Democrats and Republicans alike destroying this country? Why won’t you blast this all over Facebook feed?  Oh yeah I forgot you just want to stay under the radar so the government can’t track you. Don’t you remember the government is already tracking everyone of us and already views us all as terrorists.  This is the reason abortion was legalized and prayer taken out of schools, and now today we have a war on Christmas. Because Christians are really dumb with these things. We get so upset over things like this that don’t make a hill of beans, yet things we should be upset about we say nothing at all because we are timid scared little mice!  We have been taught the scripture of “turn the other cheek” and the PC lie of not judging to the point that we have been brain washed.  We as Christians must hold each other and the world accountable. The problem is that most Christians couldn’t articulate themselves out of a paper bag much less hold an honest and intelligent dialog about why they believe what they do.

I for one agree with Phil Robertson and Chick-fil-a’s Dan Cathy’s point of view. I don’t agree with homosexuality, and I don’t agree with changing the definition of marriage.  If they say I’m a bigot or racists it shows how ignorant they really are, and of course they don’t care because they are happy in their ignorance. Marriage is a religious institution so why is the government getting away with violating this 1A issue? They get away with it because Religion is for sissies, again timid scared little mice.  Wake up! Get with the program and use your angst for something positive other than doing your “religious deed for the week”.  It’s not enough to only talk about silly things, and it’s not enough to “vote”. Get involved, make your voices heard and hold the politicians accountable. You have the greatest podium in history called social media, whereas media is the key word here. We all become journalist is some aspect if we use it properly.  Don’t get me wrong I think speaking up about this issue is good, and we should make our voice heard when Christians are being attacked. This in itself is not enough because its much larger than these small issues. If we plan to leave a country for children or grandchildren then make your voices heard. I’m only one person you may be thinking… tell that to the “sons of liberty”!  Would you rather just complain about the problem, and not really do anything about it?  I know for many this is the case, and we wonder why people don’t want to go to church when their full of complainers, grumpy, Christianese regurgitating people.

We’re not supposed to offend anyone, we’re not supposing to judge. Someone may be hurt by something I say. I’ve heard all these and more, and I call BULL! If someone is offended by what I say I don’t care! That’s not very Christian is it? If that is what you’re saying then you are dead wrong! Look at Christ he was a very compassionate person, and yet he was very articulate and vocally opposed many thoughts of his time. The same people that we call Religious! These religious people in His time were also the politicians of the day just a side note.  If someone finds offense to something I have said then the problem is not with me, but with them. In the same vein if I take offense to something someone said the problem is not with them, but with me. However, there is a caveat here we shouldn’t go out of our way to offend anyone because then you’re just being a jerk.

If people want to be gay then that is their right whether I agree or not, and I won’t lose sleep over it. I do not have to agree with your lifestyle, period. If States want to enact “civil union” legislation that hold the same weight as marriage in the courts eye then so be it. I quite honestly believe the whole point of changing what marriage is for many, and the especially the hard core advocates of it is to thumb their nose at God and Christians.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t sit down with them to have a cup of coffee and have an honest conversation about things that really matter… this country.

This country was founded by men who were Christians and Deists alike under a common goal of freedom. They looked past their own beliefs to create a country so profound that it would become a testament to true freedom. They understood that we needed a moral compass of God to judge ourselves against for “self governing” and “self policing”. I believe this is why they used the Bible and the 10 commandments as a guide to write our founding documents.  Likewise in our founding fathers day they were scholars, and even non Christians read and studied the Bible for a quest of knowledge. We have lost this moral compass in this great country today, and quickly have become a sinking ship.

None of us are without sin, and no not me either. The difference is that as Christians we must learn from them, and choose to overcome them in our transformation.  Even more when we wrong someone we must make recompense for the wrong.  I’ve heard many say that Phil Robertson must apologize, and ask for what? If it’s because he spoke what he believes from a question he was asked, and then I say you’re fool.

Christians if we’re going to speak up about this and spread this fake controversy all over social media then please wake up from you’re mental slumber, and spread the word of other things like what the government is doing to us all. If you’re worried you may offend some of your democrat or non conservative friends then I say stop being a “sissy”!

You religious zealots are the same ones that couldn’t vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. Can’t you find the common ground for once and stop being isolationists. The only way to fix the problems we have is to work together with others. Let me also be frank to don’t be so weak (sissy) that the other side can walk all over you. I get so sick of some of the stupid things so many fundamentalist Christians say sometimes. If you believe in the word of God then don’t run from it. Where it as a badge of honor, and not be ashamed of what you believe in, but you better do us all a favor and know exactly why you believe what you believe and articulate it properly.

I’m fortunate to be part of the “An American Warning” team, and as a Christian I have found common ground with a deist David Robertson much like our founding fathers. We are like minded in the fact that we want to see this country again rise from the ashes. We may not agree on the things of God, but although I don’t yet know because we haven’t talk about this since as of now the most important thing is this great country of ours. We both want to leave something like what we grew up in to our children.  If we are going to win this war then the only way it will happen is to present clear facts or articulate our beliefs in a way that the liberals only recourse is a one sided yelling match then we win, but only if we keep our cool so the spotlight is on their own ignorance and hypocrisy.

Christians, Conservatives & Constitutionalists stop being sissies. Let’s take action, and be so loud and united voice that the whole world can’t ignore. Let’s make the stand, draw that line in the sand that when historians look at us in this generation a hundred years from now they see us as the Patriots of our fore fathers. Let’s choose to be a son or daughter of liberty in this generation.  Christians begin to make it a lifestyle, and not just something you call yourselves. Be more than the social club you go to on Sunday. Be different, be articulate, and be a voice to be reckoned with today yourself. Don’t wait for someone else, do it for your family and friends if nothing else because maybe they are waiting on someone they know to act first.

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Dedicated 7 years of my life taking a stand for Freedom as a US Marine. I took an oath that never expires, and it has awakened a passion to protect the God-given rights of all Americans, whether natural born or naturalized citizens. As a Christian I also look at things in a two-sided way much like a coin. As a former Marine and regular citizen I see how control is being fought for this country while limiting the rights of every citizen. As a Christian I see how this country has moved away from a moral conscientiousness that most people acknowledged God as a way to live a better life. Today its the direct opposite where in fact not only are people running as far away as possible, but now the Christians are being in many cases targeted. This has led to the things we face in this nation today from the last 50 years of degradation of morals in America. I am an “Unapologetic” pro-gun, pro-liberty, pro-constitution, pro-“marriage”, Christian American and proud of it. I will not cower to Political Correctness I do believe everyone has their own choices and beliefs of how they choose to live, and will not force mine on them. I will not allow theirs to be forced on me. I love this great country and what we stand for; we welcome everyone from any race, religion, and more as long as you follow our laws and come here legally. My wife is a naturalized American citizen, and I'm American born... we're Patriots by choice! I started InfringedApparel in 2013 because I wanted to create shirts to inspire people while keeping the conversation going about our rights being stolen from us while the citizens are asleep.

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  1. For me and I can only comment on what I believe and that is I have “faith”. Any real discovery of “Religion” is to me a line in the sand that is drawn that excludes a large portion of people in the world. In some people these Religious beliefs make the argument that Some are right and many others are wrong simply because they do not believe the same teachings.

    For me I do my best to be a good human being and to treat others the way I want to be treated and that is the hardest thing to do.

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