Opinion: Divide and Conquer

Opinion: Divide and Conquer

By: John P. Ricci

The NWO (New World Order) has been in the process of dividing the masses since long before we saw a World War. The British Royalty has been hell bent on repatriation of their American Colony. They have been conspiring with American Elite since the loss of the Revolutionary War. This fact is well documented so I will not spend any time on this fact. What is important however is the fact that this is no longer a Republic of the people due to the way they have orchestrated the divisions of the populace. Just like in Ireland’s Civil War and Rwanda’s civil war, and many other Civil Wars in the English Empire, they are using the same strategies in America.

Divide and Conquer is the mantra: rich against poor, Catholic against Protestants, abortionists against non abortionist, unionists against non unionist, etc. Whistle blowers are now spies, journalists are only employed by government, others cannot be called “journalist” if people like Sen. FINSTEIN get their way, and transparency in governance is an illusion that only “Conspiracy Theorists” can see through.

There is a lot to be said about this subject, but who would believe me?

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Divide and Conquer

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  2. americadied1913

    I submitted this.

  3. Wood702

    In my opinion, the NWO is showing their face in public now. It wont be long until anyone who chooses to look, will be able to see the sinister evil at work. Just follow the money and what you find will blow your mind!

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