Know them by their stripes

Know them by their stripes

By: John P. Ricci

Have you ever been fooled by a political party or politician? If you answered,Yes, your not alone. The art of Politicking has reached new heights. The men and women in this new world of politics have no shame and will “say or do whatever it takes” to seed themselves in what has become one of the most lucrative jobs on the face of the earth.

Americans have a right to know who they are voting for in elections, but sadly, this is not the case. We need to adopt a means test for our elected officials, and here is a list of non negotiable’s I have come up with for such a test.

1. Absolute belief in the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

2. Have they taken an oath that trumps either? IE: Freemason, Mormon, Muslim, all these organizations have such oaths.

3. Do they believe in the rights of a mother to kill her
own unborn child? Or euthanasia and eugenics?

4. Do they believe the world needs one government, one currency, one religion or no religion?

5. Do they believe taxation as we know it is just.

This is a list of my top five, it leaves little question about a mans morals and convictions as to his intent when seeking office. Please feel free to add to this list, but, remember, We are a Nation under God.

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