Is the Obama Administration lying about Iran?

Is the Obama Administration lying about Iran?

Is the Obama Administration lying about Iran?

As you know, a deal between Iran the Western nations (including the United States) on Iran’s nuclear situation was made this last Sunday. Immediately following this agreement, the White House released a fact sheet containing details of the draft agreement.

On November 26th, 2013, Iranian officials said that the White House is misleading the public about the details of an interim nuclear agreement and rejected the White House’s version of the deal as “invalid” and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action, and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham told the Iranian press on Tuesday.

Evidently, Iran’s right to enrich uranium, is fully recognized under the draft released by Tehran. This is the key component to making nuclear weapons, and may be why the Saudi’s and other allies are so upset.

“This comprehensive solution would enable Iran to fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the relevant articles of the NPT in conformity with its obligations therein,” the agreement reads, according to a copy released to Iranian state-run media.

“This comprehensive solution would involve a mutually defined enrichment programme with practical limits and transparency measures to ensure the peaceful nature of the programme,” the Iranian draft reads. “This comprehensive solution would constitute an integrated whole where nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

As reported to the Washington Free Beacon, the White House confirmed on Monday that the final details of the plan have yet to be worked out, meaning that Iran is not yet beholden to a six month freeze its nuclear activities. The question then becomes, if the United States has already released $8 billion in frozen assets to Iran, and this deal didn’t involve our allies who would be directly affected by such a deal, and Iran really has not agreed to anything yet, what is really going on? Was the Obama Administration played once again?

Once again, the White House said in its fact sheet on the deal that it could release up to $7 billion dollars to Iran during the first phase of the agreement alone.

The United States additionally agreed to suspend “certain sanctions on gold and precious metals, Iran’s auto sector, and Iran’s petrochemical exports, potentially providing Iran approximately $1.5 billion in revenue,” according to the now disputed fact sheet.

Iranian foreign ministry officials did not specify their precise disagreements with the White House, but they insisted that “the Iranian delegation was much rigid and laid much emphasis on the need for this accuracy.”

So… what is really going on?


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2 thoughts on “Is the Obama Administration lying about Iran?

  1. Daremo San

    First and foremost, I trust the current U.S. President no more than his predecessor. Maybe even less, if that’s even possible. During my lifetime whenever ‘my’ President has spoken, the words have been a fashion of lies and misdirection. Every time the establishment screams at me to pay attention to some particular topic they deem worthy of my immediate attention, the direct opposite effect guides me elsewhere.

    I see these latest affairs concerning the American/Iranian ‘relationship’ as standard issue window dressing. ‘A win’ for team D overseas… to simply distract from the complete and utter failure back home. Of course that domestic failure extends to flopped foreign ventures, compliments of an insane and self-destructive foreign policy… but that is nothing new.

    As much as I despise the Iranian government… I despise my own even more. Who are they to point their fingers to others across the oceans and think they are in a place to give valid insight as to what is right and what is wrong. In my opinion, they’ve long lost that right. I hope to be wrong but “American exceptionalism” is a much bigger threat to the national security of the United States than any terrorist or any other ‘boogeyman’ the establishment demands I acknowledge as worthy of my immediate attention.

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