Black Friday Becomes Gray Thursday

Black Friday Becomes Gray Thursday

Black Friday Becomes Gray Thursday.

We can’t even call it Black Friday can we? This might be the dumbest display of ignorance I have ever seen in my life.

First of all, I continue to see articles talking about “Record numbers of workers plan to protest major retailers, with Wal-Mart at centre of row over holiday wages and hours”. My question is “why is everyone so unbelievably stupid?”

The only reason these retailers have hours in the first place is because the public continues to demand them. When a retailer decides to push back the “Black Friday” event another two hours or four hours (the day before), and more people show up, that tells the retailer that they have done something good.

Imagine for a second that few showed up to any of these Thursday events, do you think retailers would continue the practice?

For those of you who are protesting, you have to understand that your presence alone is requiring even more people to step away from their families to come contend with you being a nuisance. So, people who could have been home with their families, now have to come out and make sure you are not going to do something stupid. You are actually making the problem worse.

Think about all the people you pull away from the family because of your actions. Between media and added security alone in each location a protest is going on, you have pulled multiple thousands away from their families this Thanksgiving because you don’t like someone else’s Holiday hours or wages.

The irony is that if the workers were not willing to work the hours or for the wages provided, they would quit a find a job more conducive to their preferences. They are not forced to work there, and even if the employer forces holiday hours as a condition of the job, then that is not a great working relationship anyway. But these workers do not need you to go out and protest on their behalf. What they need you to do is stay home.

As a matter of fact, if everyone is so damn upset about it, everyone needs to stay home. The protesters, the shoppers, and the employees. If you want to stop a retailer from performing an action, you have to hit their pocket books.

But see, this is where the obvious comes into play. We are talking about the ignorant masses that don’t care about their actions, don’t care about the protests, and don’t care about the workers and their wages. They just want a low price on their little gadgets and maybe a few Christmas presents.

Do you think your protests are going to “educate” some moron about the condition of the workers? Probably not. They obviously don’t care about anyone but themselves as demonstrated by their repeated Black Friday/Gray Thursday participation.

Why do I call it Gray Thursday? Because Thanksgiving was the one holiday left that retailers had largely been unable to exploit. One day out of the year where people could come together as a family, have a meal together and be thankful for one another. Now, a dark gray cloud hangs over the day because of the greedy consumer who refuses to wait a day to get their plastic Chinese crap. The world must be laughing at us. It’s Gray Thursday because you have all allowed the retailers the ability to destroy something sacred.

If there is intelligent life outside of our planet, this would be a damn good reason for them to keep on driving by our little marble. If there was ever an exercise of stupidity, it would be this one on all side of this fence. The unbelievable display of ignorance from protesters especially.

For those who work in retail: if you do not like the life in retail, quit your job and go find a 9 to 5. Life is not Burger King, you don’t get it your way. Commerce is about supply and demand, the ignorant masses have to stop the demand in order to adjust supply. If you do not like your wages, negotiate a higher one or go find a job that will pay you what you think you are worth.

The irony is that most who complain, have little education, little drive to promote, and are not willing to better themselves. Much like those idiots at McDonald’s who wanted some $14 an hour for handing someone a bag. IDIOTS!

People want the Manager wage for doing next to nothing. If you want the manager wage, then promote. It’s not hard. Need an education? Go get one. Times are tough but that doesn’t mean you just get a high wage having no reason to actually receive one. You have to earn it.

Every day I find a new reason to loath the ignorant mass. The biggest problem I have with people is their unwillingness to THINK!!! This is especially true when the obvious is right in front of their faces.

As for the Unions who are organizing these protests! You’re an outdated idea and dying slowly. I wish you would hurry up and go away. I am surprised anyone subscribes to your business model in the first place. Parasites! Sucking your lifeblood via dues from those who do the work and giving little (if anything) in return. You are worse than the retailers who request the work. You cannot guarantee anything to these workers because the demand will still be there. You lie, you cheat, you steal, and you expect something for nothing. Socialist models never work long term and that is what your model is. Perhaps that is why union membership declines dramatically each year. People are waking up to your parasitic lies.

I know some of you want an example for what I am talking about. Let us take Wal-Mart for example. For those who are watching or partaking in the protests… you should know that the pressure group “Making Change at Wal-Mart” is actually backed by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union. All they want to do is get due money from each and every Wal-Mart employee. They don’t care about your well being. They don’t even know you, but would sure get rich off you.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to everyone who refuses to stand on principles and participates in Gray Thursday. You suck!

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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One thought on “Black Friday Becomes Gray Thursday

  1. Great article and I agree that this is yet another example of how low people will go for a bargain. Another sad part is that I don’t see Black Friday going away any time soon. I have to mention the Moral integrity of these companies and how they present these sales with continued results from the patrons. Forget about the potential of substandard products flagged for these sales, lets not forget about who is really making the money off these purchases. I shutter to mention the simple fact that has anyone considered if the people making these purchases can actually afford these items or is it simply the pressure of the Holiday season that we have forgotten the meaning of.

    Wake up America, are those deals worth selling your integrity.

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