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David Robertson MSL – David’s specialty is leadership and he is well versed in other disciplines such as government, history, health and theology. David has produced several theories including theories on human sourced probiotics and the controversial theology based “Trinion Contradictions“. David and/or his work has been cited, referenced or featured on many National Radio Stations, newspapers, and websites like Education News, The X22Report, Investment Watch Blog, Positive Deism, Before It’s News, The Daily Coin, and many more.

David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in both a nationally-recognized program of Leadership and in Security Management. He also holds supporting certificates in Homeland Security and Operational Leadership with additional training in similar disciplines.

David is the author several books including those listed below. He is also the author of many articles you will find on this site and other sites such as Reasoned Leadership. David has a strong commitment to on-going research and loves teaching and discussing constitutional issues and many of the topics that you can review on this site.


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