Destroying the Narrative – Looking into the Gray

Destroying the Narrative – Looking into the Gray

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that my latest book, Destroying the Narrative – Looking into the Gray, is now available. Whether you have followed my work for any period of time or not, this book will be a great tool for you. However, how you use this tool might differ.

If you have followed my work for years, you will notice that the book is laced with new information but that some of the topics are somewhat familiar to you. You may find the book useful as reference as you encourage others to read it. Though, we are finding that even those who have followed my work are discovering all kinds of new and useful things in this book.

If you are new to my work… this will more than likely blow your mind. You will probably end up reading it a few times, spend some time researching and fact checking it, and ultimately, changing your mind about a few things. This one is sort of a wrecking ball; the title isn’t some catchy phrase. To give you an idea, in some of our promotions, we literally tell certain customers not to read it. The following is how we are promoting it on

Nothing is off limits in this raw historical and modern commentary. From the truth about Slavery to Climate Change, Destroying the Narrative is one smack in the face after another. Each chapter provides insight that most people in this country simple do not know. In today’s America, the nation is literally divided over many things. From our collective history to the form of government we should have; it seems everyone has a strong opinion one way or another. Destroying the Narrative attempts to prove that much of what we have been divided over was based on partial truths and outright lies. That’s a bold claim but you will be amazed at how true that claim really is. This is not some marketing ploy. This is a huge problem that David takes quite seriously. Topics covered in the book include Native American History, Race, Slavery, Border Issues, Government, Globalism, Climate Change, Taxation, Corruption, Rights and so much more. This book will aggravate you, enlighten you and empower you.

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While I am at it, let me also tell you about some other book related news. We have released a newer version of the power-house title RELOADED: An American Warning. It’s called RELOADED: An American Warning – SubCompact Edition. It’s the same great content… only smaller, less expensive and re-edited to fix some of the grammar issues that were originally missed. If you have been putting off getting a copy of this one, now is your chance. Click Here

On a side note, this book is like starting over. If you have read Reloaded and would like to review the new one, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings and I would appreciate it a lot.


We have set the price point for both books at the minimum allowed by the printing house. You are literally getting the best deal that I can provide you. That’s why I want to encourage you to get copies for your friends and family that you think would benefit from having the information.

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Thanks for the support and I look forward to your reviews.

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David holds a Master’s of Science in Leadership. He also graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Strategic Leadership and Security Management. Additionally, he boasts certificates in Operational Leadership, Homeland Security and Active Shooter Scenarios as well additional training in similar disciplines.

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