KrisAnne Hall Joins with C-SPAN to Educate Americans on their Rights

KrisAnne Hall Joins with C-SPAN to Educate Americans on their Rights

KrisAnne Hall Joins with C-SPAN to Educate Americans on their Rights

C-SPAN 2 to broadcast Constitutional Educator KrisAnne Hall’s class on The Duty of Each State: Functioning as a Constitutional Republic.

Wellborn, Florida, February 15. 2017: the Constitutional Education & Consulting announced today that C-SPAN 2 will broadcast, on three separate days, Constitutional Educator, KrisAnne Hall’s class titled: The Duty Of Each State: Operating as a Constitutional Republic. When describing her class, KrisAnne Hall said; “Americans have many questions about the limits of federal power and the role the States take in checking the federal government.

Ms. Hall went on to say; “This class will answer these questions, not by opinion, not by interpretation, but by fact, history, and the words of those whose designed our Constitutional Republic. Those who have attend this class leave educated, motivated, and empowered to make the real changes necessary to ensure government is operating within its few and defined delegated powers.

When asked about who this class is for Ms. Hall said; “This is a class for Republicans and Democrats alike: constitutional truths have no relevance to party affiliation. It’s not a class that is shrouded in legal jargon. It is not written just for attorneys. It is given in plain everyday English so that anyone, no matter who they are, can understand and apply these essential truths. This is an education that should be taught in our public schools”.

C-SPAN 2 will broadcast this 75 minute class on

  • February 19th 7:00pm EST
  • February 20th 11:00am EST

About KrisAnne Hall and Liberty First

KrisAnne Hall is a disabled Army veteran, a Russian linguist, a mother and pastor’s wife. She’s also an attorney a former prosecutor and was fired for teaching the Constitution on her own time and now travels the country 265 days a y ear teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. For more information about KrisAnne Hall or about the C-SPAN event contact KrisAnne at her website at, email at [email protected], or Facebook page at

This press-release was provided by Liberty First. If you are interested in checking out some of KrisAnne’s podcasts, you can hear some of them right here on AAW or on her main site.

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